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Green Umbrella Color Surfseal

Concrete Densifier & Hardener

ColorSurfseal Colorant & Densifier

Green Umbrella™ ColorSurfseal is a superior hardener taking the color deep into the subsurface. Unlike other color densifiers that have little hardening effect, ColorSurfseal has superior abrasion resistance.


Green Umbrella Colorants

Green Umbrella ColorSurfseal Concrete Colorant

Green Umbrella™ ColorSurfseal is an environmentally friendly colorant that not only gives you beautifully colored concrete but also hardens and densifies at the same time. Green Umbrella™ ColorSurfseal deeply penetrates and chemically reacts with concrete to create a floor surface that is harder, denser and less porous.

Cut Your Labor

ColorSurfseal hardens, colors and densifies in a single process saving you time and money.

Cut Your Downtime

Green Umbrella™ ColorSurfseal can be resin honed and polished with Green Umbrella Resin(GUR) from 200-3000 grit diamond abrasives on most surfaces.

Cut Your Environmental Impact

Green Umbrella™ ColorSurfseal is a responsible alternative for professionals concerned about the environmental impact of acid stains dyes.

Green Umbrella Concrete Colorants

ColorSurfseal creates a durable polished concrete floor with high gloss shine.


Green Umbrella™ ColorSurfseal colorants are color
dyes with an industry superior color fastness. Designed for interior use where heavy abrasion resistance is needed.

Custom colors are available.

Features & Benefits

  • Deep Subsurface Penetration; Excellent for Abrasion Resistance
  • Densify and Color in one step cutting labor and down time
  • Custom Colors options available
  • Uniform appearance, no hot spots
  • Breathable surface
  • Designed for use in an environmental, wet grinding process
  • pH neutral & non-hazardous
  • Superior stand alone concrete hardener

Green Umbrella ColorSurfseal Projects

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