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Color Fusion For Mechanically 

Processed Concrete Floors

Quick Drying / Highest Abrasion Resistance / Multi-Color Application

System Value Statement


  • High Performance Concrete
  • Water Resistant And Repellent
  • Superior Color
  • Abrasion Resistance

We went to the drawing Board

to create the Best Defense


Why Green Umbrella ColorFusion?

Green Umbrella Color Fusion Treatment System™ is the fusion of a UV stable color hardener, Green Umbrella Color Shield™, with the increased durability of Green Umbrella Microfilm™, set on a simplified Grind and Hone cut substrate prepped with specially designed GUF  abrasives. The Color Fusion cut is achieved with as few as one specialized, economical GUF1 abrasive that creates a soft blended look. The initial cut may be followed by the GUF 2
to close of concrete as needed. If a higher gloss is desired, for maximum hone use the GUF3. The result is an eye appealing concrete floor that has a unique fusion look.

Green Umbrella Color Fusion Treatment System™ offers a budgeted option when compared to a full GHP(Grind-Hone-Polish) cut. Additionally, it can be used in a restoration where  concrete variables like high moisture present color challenges that cause SB(Solvent Based) dye to fade. The low cost, easy application, color fastness, chemical resistance of Green Umbrella Color Shield™ with the added durability of Green Umbrella Microfilm™ makes
this a treatment system that is hard to beat. 

color Fusion

Products: Treatments  

GREEN UMBRELLA™ COLOR SHIELD™ is a responsible alternative
for professionals concerned about the environmental impact of acid stains, sodium densifiers, and other harmful concrete treatments. Unlike many traditional products, Green Umbrella Color Shield is pHneutral, compliant with all state VOC standards, and contains no sodium or potassium which can contribute to Alkali Silica Reaction (ASR).
The harder, denser, and less porous surface created by Green Umbrella Color Shield means the substrate will stain less and wear longer, reducing maintenance frequency and extending the life of concrete and masonry.

Profile Treatment

Densifer/Hardener Treatment

Profile Hone Polish

Quality Control


Execution:  Process, Abrasive, Equipment

Green Umbrella equipment and abrasives are designed specifically for wet grinding.  Equipped with a standard quick change system to promote even abrasive wear and quick field changes cutting downtime on GHP projects.

The wet process eliminates airborne crystalline silica dust and its potential health hazards such as silicosis due to the inhalation of these dangerous airborne particulates improving IAQ (Indoor Air Quality). Propane is one of the cleanest burning fossil fuels, cutting emissions and leaving a smaller carbon footprint than a typical electric model.

ColorFusion Color Menu

Smoky Quartz


Red Clay

Dark Jade

Night Sky



Dusk Blue

Golden Sands


  • Stain Resistance (Up to 48 Hours) 97% 97%
  • Chloride Intrusion (Salt Resistance) 91% 91%
  • Abrasion Resistance 100% 100%
  • Water Resistance 91% 91%
  • Saturation 91% 91%
  • Hardness 91% 91%


Features & Benefits

High Performance Concrete

  • Quick installation, easy to change colors or repair if necessary
  • UV stable color – can be used both inside and outside without fading
  • No need for sealers, paints or epoxies that flake of
  • Increases hardness and density while reducing porosity
  • Not a stain – no harmful or toxic chemical exposure
  • Beautiful sheen with or without diamond polishing
  • No need for concrete to be flat, Color Shield follows contoured surfaces
  • Stands up to heavy abrasion while providing excellent slip resistance
  • Increased chemical resistance
  • Formulation will not contribute to ASR

Cut Your Labor

An entire system designed to do more with less.  Machines 40% more productive, a cutting agent that eliminates steps, densifiers that are spray and go all add up a substancial labor savings.

Cut Your Downtime

A system installed in days instead of weeks, weeks instead of months.  Processing and completing a polished floor without holding up a project.

Cut Your Environmental Impact

Environmentally friendly treatments, water and silica based.  Reduces construction waste with a finished product incorparated with the slab, and easier to maintain. 

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Learn more about our products

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” Making the Complex Simple “

Green Umbrella Exisitng Concrete Systems

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