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Design Professionals

We have specified and installed many Green Umbrella concrete system floors in our facilities.  We do alot of public works facilities – specifically Fire Stations.  Being able to offer low maintenance, durable and attractive concrete is very appealing to Fire Chiefs and local City officials.  A Fire Station has to be not only functional, but a community safe haven.  While Fire crews are known for being clean, it is important to design a facility that doesn’t require time they need to use maintaining their equipment to be used maintaining their facility.  Green Umbrella Engineered Polished Concrete is durable, easy to maintain and provides a functionality in any space – living quarters, kitchen, weight room, offices, truck bays, etc.  We love being able to offer concrete systems that meet the needs of our clients.

Kirkpatrick Architecture Studio

“One of the best I’ve seen.”

David from JCJ 

“Presenters were very knowledgeable and the presentation material was excellent.”

Barbee from Nazzarchstudio 

“I like that there were 2 presenters”

“Very informative and well presented!”

“Good breadth of study, well presented!”

“Thank you for the course. Very interesting material.”

“Very Detailed!”


I started working with a concrete polishing company in Wichita, Kansas and I quickly found out there was difference in their product offering versus what I had experienced with the Green Umbrella Group. I called Jason with Green Umbrella and he has been coaching ever since.

The company I worked with changed over from and immediately we noticed a difference.  We have our competitors call us when they need help on various concrete floors.

When you lay a Green Umbrella floor up against other floor, you will have people asking why this floor (Green Umbrella) looks better than the other one.

More important to me and to my customers, I know that in 5 years the contrast will be even greater, Green Umbrella is a superior PHP (profile, hone, polish) floor system.

J.A. Stover

We love installing Green Umbrella treated floors.  On every project we bid we intended to use Green Umbrella Treatments.  Even if another densifier or treatment was specified we knew we would submit a change order and request that Green Umbrella be used.  Green Umbrella Treatments have many features & benefits but for us the consistency made it the best choice.  We knew that even though we were completing a project in another state we wouldn’t have to return for any issues.  We would be turning over the best possible polished concrete floor to the Architect and Owner.

True North Polishing


In 2007 I invited Green Umbrella to come to my 5,000 sq. ft warehouse and staging building which honestly was in horrible condition. Our company did water restoration and carpet cleaning and the concrete floor endured work vehicles and equipment moving thru constantly. Green Umbrella polished the entire surface and when they were finished it was amazing.

The polished concrete not only had a beautiful appearance, but it withstood our abuse.

Our crews didn’t change the way they worked after the installation of our new polished concrete floor.

It was a drive thru warehouse, so imagine trucks driving in, leaking all kinds of fluids, hauling equipment and products 7 days a week … and after 7 years you still could not see tire tracks or stains on our Green Umbrella concrete floor.

And all we ever did was dust mop it weekly and once every 90 days run a scrubber. 

So when customers ask why am I a consult for Green Umbrella? 

I can tell them first hand,  I have experienced the benefits and believe in the systems and solutions we have to offer. 

Jerry Stover

As a developer we wanted to create a sub-division of starter homes.  There are features of home construction where investing money during construction brings value and creates distinction.  We chose to invest in concrete that had a single profile cut from a grinder and then had Green Umbrella ColorShield installed.  Installing our finished floor before the walls were up enabled us to advance construction and provide hypo-allergenic floors that will last forever.  We sold every single home and the decorative concrete approach really elevated us above other homes on the market.

First Arkansas Financial

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