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Propane.  Planetary.  Productive.

Concrete Grinding Equipment 

GCX Grinder

Equipment Description:

The Green Umbrella GCX Grinder is the next step for the industries oldest and most most reliable propane powered, planetary concrete grinder. Mining industry inspiration crafted a durable, self-contained gear box powered by a 22hp EPA/CARB certified engine.

The GCX Grinder can tackle any element of concrete surface refinement from coating removal to high rpm polishing.  A flexible frame enables this machine to follow the contour of any concrete surface regardless of Ff or Fl numbers found on new or existing concrete.

Equipped with a standard quick change diamond system to promote even diamond wear and quick field changes cutting downtime on GHP projects.

Cut Your Labor

Cut concrete in any phase – Grind, Hone or Polish from 600 – 1,600 sq.ft. per hour.

Cut Your Downtime

Propane power enables you to be working in any phase of construction without reliance on electrical power.

Cut Your Environmental Impact

Propane powered making use of a clean & renewable fuel source.  Designed for wet cutting to eliminate hazardous silica dust.

Additional Feature: 

The GCX Grinder is designed specifically for wet grinding and is outfitted with an 11 gallon water tank.  Equipped with a standard quick change diamond system to promote even diamond wear and quick field changes cutting downtime on GHP projects.

The wet process eliminates airborne crystalline silica dust and its potential health hazards such as silicosis due to the inhalation of these dangerous airborne particulates improving IAQ (Indoor Air Quality). Propane is one of the cleanest burning fossil fuels, cutting emissions and leaving a smaller carbon footprint than a typical electric model.

Cut the Cord!

Propane fuels the 22 hp Robin engine that is certified to meet EPA and CARB requirements with an ESDS (Emissions Shut Down System) and clean burning catalytic muffler. 

Propane tanks drop in for quick and easy changes.  A sturdy, mining industry inspired GreenGEAR™ gearbox will enable you to have a truly industrial piece of equipment exceeding the run time of any other grinder on the market, by THOUSANDS of hours.  The Green Umbrella GCX Grinder is a responsible alternative for  professionals concerned about the environmental impact of the concrete polishing process.  Producing benefits seen immediately onsite by using propane and cutting wet.

Propane power eliminates the potential hazard of water meeting electricity. The wet process uses water to cool diamond abrasives and eliminate  dust. Water reduces ​abrasive friction and acts as a lubricant, thereby increasing the life of grinding and polishing abrasives.

Water + Head Pressure + Cutting Edge = Refinement

Features & Benefits

  • Cordless
  • Zero IAQ Issues
  • Flexible frame construction for floating cut capabilities
  • Meets GS24 in Leed requirements
  • Versatile (Grinds. Hones. Polishes)
  • Quick Change Diamonds
  • Durable Gearbox
  • EPA & CARB Certified

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Product Download

GCX Grinder Technical Data Sheet
GCX Grinder Parts Manual (link to email request)
Propane Safety Awareness
Silica SDS Sheet
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