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Green Umbrella Consultant Statement

“Giving you the direction you need”

We start by showing initiative.


Design professionals, owners and contractors need someone who is willing to take the initiative in making the connection for sharing solutions for sustainable concrete flooring.  We freely share our insight. We can assist you in understanding past project failures, helping you build your specifications for future success. In short, with all the products needed on a project it is essential to simply to have someone “giving the direction you need”.









We show initiative by offering our “Concrete Coffee”.

Does the long lunch and learn crowd your firm’s daily plan? Do you have 15-20 minutes?

You bring the project and we will bring the coffee. We will share our insight. review. and return the insight and specification you need.

Schedule one today.




We share insight by investing in our industry with Continued Education Presentations focused on design professionals, general contractors and craftsmen.



Green Umbrella Partners

INITIATIVE                   INSIGHT                  SPECIFICATION

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