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Green Umbrella Polishing Resins

Achieving refinement, reflectivity and gloss a grit sooner than the competition comes standard with Green Umbrella Polishing Resins. These abrasives are designed to work dry for the final steps of a GHP (Grind, Hone, Polish) floor. (GUpr 400, 800, 1500, 3000).
The GUhr and GUpr showcase high durability and performance when honing and polishing.  High quality engineered matrices increase the lifetime and effectiveness of Green Umbrella resins, increasing your work productivity.  Boasting an increase of 33% added life expectancy over conventional polishing resins.  Increase to your bottom line by using fewer abrasives per project when compared to the inexpensive matrices and resulting shorter lifespan that are found in the competitor’s abrasives.  By engineering quality abrasive tooling, Green Umbrella is delivering  on our promise to Cut Labor, Cut Downtime and Cut Environmental Impact.
Technical Specs:  Green Umbrella Polishing Resins are 3″ in diameter.  Green Umbrella Resins are attached by velcro to our quick change adapter (Frankfort) plates, or Quad plates for even quicker changes.


We encourage you to use dedicated plates to prevent unnecessary or frequent replacement of velcro backing.  The use of dedicated mounts for your resin tooling will eliminate time consuming changing, cleaning and refastening of resins to plates.


Though these abrasives (GUresins) may be effective on other equipment, results do vary. Green Umbrella Resins are specifically designed for Green Umbrella Grinders and Edgers using the GU9 process.  Your Green Umbrella Consultant can help you find the right abrasives for your next project.

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