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The Concrete Sealer

Green Umbrella® IceCap™ After the floor has been treated with IceStart and IceStop, IceCap may then be applied to achieve the same brilliance as a traditional profiled, honed and polished floor. In addition to the unparalleled high-gloss finish, IceCap adds additional UV protection and abrasion resistance to the floor.

Icecap creates a durable concrete floor with moderate gloss/shine

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• Final protective Cap

• Non Resinous Polymer

• Stands up to heavy abrasion and high foot traffic

• Resists acid (organic/inorganic) & chemical exposure

• Does not support mildew or fungi growt

• Forms protective shield against UV radiation, resulting in extended dye/color retention

• Not prone to whitening; will not peel or flake

• Approved for incidental food contact

• Very low maintenance

IceCap protects the floor, standing up to heavy equipment.

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IceCap is a Penetrating Resinous Reactive Interior-Exterior MicroFinish for Non-Profiled Surfaces  treatment that will produce gloss meter readings between 50 and 70 with a 30% increase in reflectivity.

To apply IceCap, simply spray and disperse with a T-bar. After applying IceCap, burnish with a Green Umbrella-recommended high-speed burnisher to produce gloss readings unreachable by other processes.

Cut Your Labor

Less labor-intensive than traditional Profile, Hone and Polish floor.

Cut Your Downtime

Once the pour and finish is completed, the floor has the properties of a polished floor. No additional time required.

Cut Your Environmental Impact

Waste created by additional flooring installations is eliminated. IceCap is water-based and low VOC.


GreenIce Concrete Cure System results in a cured, sealed concrete
floor with polished concrete properties the same day the slab is poured.


Water Cure

Chemical Cure

Densified Floor

Conventional Polished Abrasive Concrete

Number of days spent waiting after the pour and finish

Completed floor GreenIce

Example of a Warehouse concrete floor with the GreenIce System, the same day the IceCap was applied and burnished.

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