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Outdoor Microfilm


Microfilm Gives a Natural Look to Concrete


Green Umbrella Outdoor Microfilm™

Green Umbrella Outdoor Microfilm is an environmentally friendly hybrid surface treatment that creates a durable micro-thin layer to seal concrete floors. Green Umbrella Outdoor Microfilm is perfect for broom finished, porous, and consolidated concrete surfaces, improving slip and abrasion resistance. When properly applied, Green Umbrella Outdoor Microfilm forms a breath-able, dense, protective layer.  Treated concrete is highly resistant to aviation oils, stands up to acid and chemical exposure, and is not prone to flaking – with a beautiful gloss finish.


Green Umbrella Outdoor Microfilm is specially formulated for outdoor honed concrete and outdoor decorative concrete for use in driveways, patios, parking decks, garages and any other areas where concrete surfaces are maintained.

Outdoor Microfilm Primary Feature



CUT YOUR LABOR. Outdoor Microfilm is ready to use, no dilution, easy to apply  



CUT YOUR DOWNTIME. Quick curing, protects the floor for the duration of the project 



CUT YOUR ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT. Outdoor Microfilm is an environmentally responsible product


  • Ready to use, no dilution
  • Will not peel or flake
  • Stands up to heavy abrasion and high foot traffic
  • Resists acid (organic/inorganic) & chemical exposure
  • Does not support mildew or fungi growth
  • Forms a protective shield against UV radiation, resulting in extended dye/color retention
  • Withstands extreme temperature, ice and snow.

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