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SafeDrum – Breakdown Concrete Buildup

Green Umbrella SafeDrum is a neutral pH removal agent that breaks down concrete buildup and, when used as a maintainer, will prevent future buildup.  When applied to mix trucks, finishing or polishing equipment, SafeDrum removes and aids in preventing concrete buildup.
The rinse-free formula will not contaminate the concrete nor affect the performance of subsequent loads of concrete. When the concrete dries out the product stops working.  Water is essential to the performance of SafeDrum.  



Equipment Maintenece 

Green Umbrella SafeDrum

Green Umbrella SafeDrum is designed to initially remove concrete in delivery truck drums at a spiked initial dosage or in a reduced dosage as part of a standard maintenance regimen.  This treatment will attack the mechanical bond between concrete and equipment to remove and prevent buildup when equipment is in use.
The regular use of SafeDrum will reduce concrete residue and time spent cleaning equipment and provide consistent levels of cleanliness, all while reducing your maintenance cost.  Cutting your Labor, Downtime and Environmental Impact.



Cut Your Labor

Safely remove concrete buildup in less time

Cut Your Downtime

Necessary maintenance is completed quickly

Cut Your Environmental Impact

Solvent and acid free formula, safe for workers and the environment

Green Umbrella Products

Green Umbrella SafeDrum is safe for workers and the environment

Safer for the environment
SafeDrum has a neutral pH and safely removes concrete buildup from mix trucks, power trowels, screeds, polishing equipment or any other tool used by mix plants, concrete and polishing contractors.


Features & Benefits

  • Neutral pH
  • Concentrated
  • No Rinse Formula
  • Cost Effective
  • Safe Drum Cleaning without Worker Risk
  • Not Harmful to Equipment or Concrete Mix
  • Replacement for Laborious Cleaning

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