Green Umbrella Redesign Message 

Green Umbrella launched a new vision in 2020 with the clear brand identity of unifying our vision and promoting our brand identity with our key audience of owners and designers in mind and returning to the use of educational and architectural images with the adage—a picture is worth a thousand words.


We have updated our brand by cutting to the chase and making the complex simple by focusing on concrete systems and using our entire team to help us provide direct messaging that resonates with all who view our marketing.


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Architectural concrete floors provide a solid, durable surface with various final surface-design options. At the core, architectural concrete floors offer a more sustainable option, lowering lighting, heating, and cooling costs and reducing construction waste. Architectural polished concrete floors are also economical, having a lower initial cost, requiring less maintenance, and providing longer product lifecycles.

Frequently Asked Green Umbrella Product Questions 

Questions about the ways and means of architectural concrete floors. 

Process Questions 

Questions about the ways and means of architectural concrete floors. 

Concrete9 White Papers 

Starting with the release of the Nine Elements of Green Polishing. 

Concrete9 White Papers Supported By Green Umbrella 

Would you like to know why Green Umbrella supports the Concrete9 White Papers? Look for this cloud umbrella logo for a quick reference to see how we support these outlines that describe processes and treatments that match an elevated design.

Green Umbrella Information Page 

Our general information page was created to provide detailed information for design professionals and help them gather knowledge about our systems and treatments.

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Look for this logo to find information pages and continuing education material quickly and deep dive into the Green Umbrella processes used with our treatments and systems.