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Green Umbrella

Treatments statement 


“The concrete canvas, the color, the treatment must be cohesive”


Our concrete treatments fit with one another and promote Green Umbrella’s product mission to reduce labor, downtime and environmental impact. Our key concrete formulations are non-sodium and do not generate hazardous waste. Our flagship Treatments are 100% reactive, non-resinous polymers, and pH-neutral when possible. Much of this is accomplished through the use of a family of formulations that is unique to the industry.
Spec for success. A family approach to concrete treatments leads to consistent performance and not treatments that are combative or work against the effects of one another, this goal is especially useful when introducing color to concrete.
The Green Umbrella line of densifiers is insoluble and does not contribute to alkali-silica reaction (ASR). Because Green Umbrella Treatments are pH neutral, they provide a barrier in resisting surface colorant “walk-off”. Green Umbrella has iron oxides, dyes, and micro-pigments designed for indoor or outdoor use where UV stability needs consideration.




Non-Resinous Polymer/