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slurry management Equipment 

Slurry Recovery Vacuum

Equipment Description:

Pick up heavy concrete slurry easily and efficiently!  The Slurry Recovery Vacuum is an invaluable tool for Profile, Hone & Polish contractors who process concrete wet. Quickly pick up concrete slurry using the specially designed 140 CFM vacuum system engineered for thick debris generated by profiling or honing.

Slurry management is important to maintaining consistent work flow.  Wet cutting doesn’t mean flooding the floor with inches of water, however maintaining a liquid layer for surface profiling provides benefits to the contractor and owner.  Wet cutting preserves the life of the abrasive tool and, by trapping silica dust and preventing it from going airborne, avoids harming workers or contaminating air ducts. 

Cut Your Labor

Slurry is collected and managed with less labor.

Cut Your Downtime

Collection and disposal of slurry is done efficiently saving time.

Cut Your Environmental Impact

Wet grinding is safer for everyone on the site and future occupants.

Green Umbrella Concrete outfitters

Features & Benefits

Slurry Recovery Vacuum

  • Tank capacity: 40 gallons
  • Air flow: 140 CFM
  • Vacuum Motors: 2 x 24V DC 3-stage

  • Vacuum Battery: 2 x 115 Ah wet acid (optional 250 Ah lithium-ion rechargeable)

  • Total Weight: 400 pounds / 180 kg

  • Slurry wet vacuum picks up heavy concrete slurry and other wet messes
  • 40 gallon recovery tank accommodates large jobs
  • 140 CFM vacuum motors offer strong suction for heavy, wet projects
  • Dual pick-up options including squeegee and handheld wand for corners and small spaces
  • Easy gravity discharge through 3-inch drain hose

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