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Green Cut


GreenCut Abrasive Cutting Agent

Green Umbrella GreenCut is an environmentally friendly, cutting and slurry agent formulated to refine concrete during profiling or grinding.

As part of the GreenCut System, nano-cutting agents are introduced onto the concrete surface prior to profiling or grinding, dramatically impacting surface profile and creating a surface that in latter stages of processing is highly refined.  This method takes concrete processing from the commonly thought of large, or macro processing work done by equipment and abrasives; down to a small or micro processing approach to concrete surface refinement. 

The specification and use of GreenCut Cuts Labor by reducing the number of abrasive steps required and adds value by increasing the quality of the polished concrete thanks to a wet method and ultra-fine surface refinement not possible using only abrasive tooling.  This combination of abrasive tooling with the GreenCut abrasive cutting agent couples macro-processing with micro-refinement creating a less porous floor featuring greater surface refinement, than previously possible using only abrasive tooling or a dry grinding method. 

The Foundation of the Profile-Hone-Polish process.

Green Umbrella GreenCut™ should be used on every PHP (Profile, Hone, Polish) project.  Attacking the concrete surface using microscopic cutting beads to generate a surface that is primed for honing and polishing.  Put simply GreenCut will give you a superior final product with less time, labor and environmental impact.

GreenCut™  is a registrated trademark of Green Umbrella and has been in public domain since 2010.



1.  Hydrate the concrete substrate using water.

Green Umbrella GreenCut is part of a wet process preventing dust from contaminating the air and HVAC system, thereby alleviating concerns regarding indoor ambient air quality.


2.  Saturate the surface using GreenCut.

Introduce GreenCut onto the concrete surface evenly (broom if necessary for even disbursement).  Allowing time for the treatment to penetrate the surface.


3.  Profile

Use a profiling abrasive tool to cut, collaborating with the GreenCut liquid abrasive for a superior profile leading into the honing and polishing stages of concrete refinement. 

Reduce Bonded ABRASIVE Usage

concrete cutting agent

Green Umbrella GreenCut 

Green Umbrella GreenCut™ starts out by preparing the concrete, leading to easier, faster and more efficient profiling and processing.  The frothy slurry created by the process is deposited back into the floor to help seal pores, producing a denser surface.

Green Umbrella GreenCut™ helps to create a more resilient floor with a superior gloss while saving time, money and eliminating hazardous waste disposal issues—significantly reducing your company’s impact on the environment.

Green Umbrella GreenCut™ is specially formulated for use in wet PHP (Profile, Hone, Polish) systems. It should not be used with all abrasive tooling, test abrasive before attempting to complete large areas.

Cut Your Labor

Green Umbrella GreenCut™ reduces labor requirements and greatly reduces wear on your metal bond abrasives, saving you time & money.

Cut Your Downtime

Green Umbrella GreenCut™ allows for the use of as few as 2 abrasive steps to profile, hone and polish concrete floors.

Cut Your Environmental Impact

Green Umbrella GreenCut is part of a wet cut process that eliminates airborne contaminants and reduces the number of materials used.

Features And Benefits

  • Reduces the number of abrasive grinding steps
  • Cutting agent
  • Slurry agent
  • Creates a less porous surface
  • Improved productivity
  • Metal bond abrasives last significantly longer
  • Super high gloss, if desired
  • Can be colored using a dye or micro-pigment

GreenCut in Action

Cut Your Downtime!

Conventional Grind, Hone, Polish requires 5-9 Abrasive Tools making unknown passes in an effort to complete a basic polished concrete floor.

GreenCut nano-cutting agents allow unrivaled concrete profile, hone and polishing using just 3-4 abrasive tools dramatically reducing time and tooling required while increasing gloss, abrasion, durability and life cycle of the polished concrete surface.

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