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Designed for use with Green Umbrella® GreenCut®.
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The Green Umbrella® GC-BigStock™ line is the most aggressive abrasive type we offer. Designed for rough surface removal or prep. GC-BigStock’s silhouette blade abrasive quickly removes glue, coatings, or concrete with grits ranging from 18 to 50.

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GC-BigStock™ coating removal abrasives remove glue, epoxy, and self-leveler from concrete floors. They are also great for removing surface buildup, oil, thin mil coatings, or mortar. GC-

GC-BigStock abrasives can be used for increased aggregate exposure. Ideal for architectural concrete featuring a large aggregate reveal.

Green Umbrella® GC-X™

The Green Umbrella® GC-X™ is a powerful 10-segment metal abrasive designed for use with Green Umbrella GreenCut®.

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Using GreenCut® reduces the abrasive grits needed to profile, flatten, and expose the desired aggregate amount. GC-X™ abrasives can be used either wet or dry. Always use a suitable vacuum and dust containment process when profiling dry.

Green Umbrella® GC-Fusion™

The Green Umbrella® GC-Fusion™ abrasives are a hybrid bond of industry-leading metals and resins. Four different abrasive grits are available to achieve the desired RA (roughness average) on the slab.

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Because of their unique design, using GC-Fusion™ abrasives with Green Umbrella® GreenCut® allows the polisher to craft architectural concrete without excessive types and grits of abrasive tooling. Typically, only one or two GC-Fusion levels are needed. These abrasives are used wet.

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