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Forty percent faster.

The Green Umbrella® GreenGrinder™ is designed to work quickly. Roll it off the trailer and begin profiling immediately—thanks to clean-burning, quick drop-in propane power. The all-steel frame construction with a huge 27hp engine drives a design of nearly 800 lbs of head pressure, which ensures you have the weight and head pressure for coating removal and concrete profiling and the speed and RPMs for efficient wet honing and polishing. Onboard sensors provide hours, RPMs, and safety features, including an automatic emissions sensor with a shutdown. An 11-gallon water tank and built-in vacuum port help to eliminate any airborne silica dust. Quick change plates promote even abrasive wear and quick field changes, cutting downtime on every PHP (profile, hone, polish) project.


Concrete Grinding Equipment



The Green Umbrella® GreenGrinder™ is the next step for the industry’s oldest and most reliable propane-powered, planetary concrete grinder. Crafted with a durable, self-contained, mining industry-inspired gearbox powered by a 22hp EPA/CARB certified engine.

The GreenGrinder can tackle any element of concrete surface refinement, from coating removal to high RPM polishing. A flexible frame enables this machine to follow the contour of any concrete surface regardless of FF or FL numbers on new or existing concrete.

It has a standard quick-change system to promote even abrasive wear and quick field changes, cutting downtime on PHP projects.

Telescopic Handle

Transport Wheel


  • Cut concrete in any phase, profile, hone, or polish, from 600 to 1,600 sq. ft. per hour
  • No electricity required
  • No 3-phase install from a certified electrician and generator set-up  
  • Cordless, keeping work areas safe and workers working without unnecessary support roles


  • Propane power enables you to work in any phase of construction without reliance on electrical power


  • Propane-powered, making use of a clean and renewable fuel source 
  • Designed for wet cutting to eliminate hazardous silica dust  
  • Meets LEED maintenance requirements

Green Umbrella Concrete outfitters

Tech specs


  • Production: 800 ft2 to1,300 ft per hour-double pass
  • Drum Speed: 1,410 RPM
  • Head Speed: 840 RPM counterclockwise
  • Head Pressure: 785 pounds
  • Grinding Width: 30 inches
  • Total Weight: 1,385 pounds

Green Umbrella Concrete outfitters

Features & Benefits


  • Heavy-duty grinder for PHP or coating removal
  • ESDS (emissions shutdown system)
  • Designed to cut wet
  • Dry polish-equipped vacuum port
  • Cordless
  • Endless run time
  • Zero indoor air quality issues
  • Catalytic muffler (EPA/CARB certified)
  • Flexible frame construction with a floating head
  • Uniquely meets LEED maintenance requirements
  • Versatile
  • No need for two machines
  • Quick change abrasives
  • Durable gearbox
  • EPA- and CARB-certified
  • Simple contractor design
  • Easy onsite access for maintenance and repair
  • The industry-leading complete system grinder

Cut the Cord!

Propane fuels the 27 HP engine certified to meet EPA and CARB requirements with an ESDS (emissions shutdown system) and clean burning catalytic muffler.

Propane tanks drop in for quick and easy changes. A truly industrial piece of equipment, exceeding the run time of any other grinder on the market by THOUSANDS of hours. The Green Umbrella® GreenGrinder™ is a responsible alternative for professionals concerned about the environmental impact of the concrete polishing process. The GreenGrinder eliminates the hazards of cutting dry and is powered by EPA- and CARB-proven powerful propane engines.

Propane power eliminates the potential hazard of water meeting electricity. The wet process uses water to cool abrasives and eliminate dust. Water reduces ​abrasive friction and acts as a lubricant, thereby increasing the lifecycle of profiling, honing, and polishing abrasives.

Water + 800 lbs Head Pressure + Cutting Edge = Refinement

Additional Feature:

The GreenGrinder is designed specifically for wet grinding and is outfitted with an 11-gallon water tank. Equipped with a standard quick-change system to promote even abrasive wear and quick field changes, cutting downtime on PHP projects.

The wet process eliminates airborne crystalline silica dust and its potential health hazards, such as silicosis, and improves indoor air quality. Propane is one of the cleanest burning fossil fuels, cutting emissions and leaving a smaller carbon footprint than a typical electric model.

The Hidden Issues

Abrasive Cutting with Electric Equipment: Hurry up and wait! Electric-powered machines generally require 3-phase power wired by a certified electrician and draw considerable power from the facility. Green Umbrella recommends using renewable resources, such as diesel- and propane-powered, clean-burning EPA- and CARB-certified engines. 



Hidden Cost to Ownership: Calling the facility maintenance team and requesting an electrician to establish suitable power is just the start. Each electric machine will draw substantial kilowatts of energy during the project.

Sample Electric Grinder Motor (40 Amps – 460 Volts) – 31.8 kilowatts x 0.12 cents per kWh = $3.82 per unit per hour. Average daily operating cost (8-hour day) – $30.53 per machine paid by facility ownership daily.

Sample Project: 5-day project using 2 electric machines will total $305.30 in “hidden cost” to ownership.

Equipment That Is NOT Designed to Cut Wet: While Green Umbrella’s grinders are designed to cut wet, electric grinders are not. Water and electricity do not mix! Eliminate danger and protect workers without introducing harmful silica dust into the air by using equipment designed for the wet profile, hone, and polish process. Propane- or diesel-powered machines eliminate the potential hazard of water meeting electricity.

Expensive Portable Generators and Cords: Not required when using Green Umbrella grinders. Construction sites are filled with potential hazards. Eliminate the potential for a trip and fall accident by eliminating the use of cords while profiling, honing, and polishing. Choose cordless propane or diesel equipment.


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