Green Umbrella Concrete Burnish Pads

Durable / Productive / Resin-Free Gloss

Burnish Pads

GreenGloss Burnish Pads

Equipment Description:

The Green Umbrella® GreenGloss™ Pad is designed to enhance the final look of polished concrete while not introducing unwanted surface contaminants or resins. The GreenGloss Pad is designed for use on propane-powered, ultra-high-speed burnishers.

The GreenGloss Pad does not interfere with any stage of concrete polishing, making it the perfect pad for cleaning or final buffing. Ideal for use in between or after the final application of Interior MicroFilm™, ColorShield™, or IceCap™. Don’t fall prey to “diamond-impregnated pads” that promise a shortcut to concrete maintenance or sustainable beauty. The GreenGloss Pad is ideal for contractors and maintenance teams for sustainable polished concrete maintenance and care.

Cut Your Labor


  • Aids in creating gloss without introducing resin into the concrete pores, preventing contamination and surface failure


  • Can be used to clean, maintain, and refresh the look of thousands of square feet of polished concrete quickly


  • Clean and maintain the concrete surface without introducing resin or the need for high-VOC coatings

GreenGloss Pad

Features & Benefits

  • Concrete ready
  • Maintains consistent high performance throughout the life of the pad
  • Long, durable life, meaning fewer pads used per project or maintenance cycle
  • Individually coated and separated fibers produce high-quality, consistent results
  • A combination of highly conformable fibers provides maximum pad-to-floor contact
  • Reduced burnisher wobble and vibration

Are all burnish pads created equal? Does it make a difference? On the left, you can see the results of GreenGloss Pads. On the right, you can see the results of other burnish pads that transfer resin, leaving a haze-like appearance.

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