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ColorFlash Concrete Colorant

Concrete Colorants

The next generation of concrete colorants

Green Umbrella & ColorFlash

Green Umbrella Durafore Fiber™ when added to concrete mechanically locks within the fresh concrete martrix, controlling plastic shrinkage. Durafore™ Fiber helps with secondary reinforcement, playing a key role in the elimination of crack formation that causes permanent weakening of the resultant concrete. With Durafore™ Fiber, concrete is less permeable, has a smooth surface, is highly impact resistant and by eliminating costly materials and installation costs, improves your bottom line.

 Durafore™ can be combined with wire mesh to reduce plastic cracking. Durafore™ displaces evenly within all mixes. It does not clump or protrude, is transparent in the mix, meaning it does not affect the final look, including when polished or dyed.

ColorFlash Color Menu

Night Sky

River Sand



Tropical Bay

Red Earth


Golden Sands


Moss Green


Moss Green


Iron Ore

Deep Jade


Evening Sky

Smokey Quartz



Deep Amethyst


Green Umbrella Durafore™ is a uniquely designed concrete fiber that can be used as a powerful secondary reinforcement. 

Features and Benefits

• Enhances performance & durability

• Provides isotropic reinforcement

• Eliminates most or all plastic shrinkage cracking

• Alkali resistant & non-corrosive

• Insoluble in water

• No fiber protrusion for easy finishing

• High impact resistance

• Excellent bond with concrete paste


What you Shouldn’t See with Fiber in Concrete

Curing Agent Options

1. Add to Acetone

2. Ideal for Stenciling

3. Low VOC’s

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