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Designed for use with Green Umbrella® treatment systems.
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Green Umbrella® GC-Fusion™

Green Umbrella® GC-Fusion™ abrasives are a hybrid bond of industry-leading metals and resins. Four different abrasive grits are available to achieve the desired RA (roughness average) on the slab.

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Because of their unique design, using GC-Fusion abrasives with Green Umbrella® GreenCut® allows the polisher to craft architectural concrete without needing excessive types and grits of abrasive tooling. Typically only one or two GC- Fusion levels are needed.

These abrasives are used wet.

Green Umbrella® GC-Eraser™

The GC-Eraser™ is a class of semi-metal honing abrasive. It is engineered for specific surface refinement.

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The GC-Eraser™ is designed for use with Green Umbrella® GreenCut®.

These abrasives are used wet.

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