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 Green Umbrella® Shield & Protect™ is a premium environmentally formulated industrial grade densifier that deeply penetrates and
reacts with the concrete preventing concrete off-dusting and creating a surface that is harder and less porous.  Providing exceptional shielding from the damaging effects of water and salt, with a chloride prevention of over ninety-percent.  From snowy parking decks to beach exposed architecture, Shield & Protect screens concrete against deicers, saltwater, and is the hardener of choice in freeze-thaw environments. There is also significant abrasion resistance increase over untreated concrete. Shield & Protect darkens open concrete slightly, and on burnished, troweled concrete can have a clarified-gloss. It’s an odorless, water-based solution that is non-carcinogenic and yet more effective than alternatives. Shield & Protect takes only one S.O.L.O™ application and is packaged R.T.U., resists salt and water for sustainable concrete.


Ideal for interior or exterior, vertical or horizontal in Demanding Applications; warehouse/distribution centers, food service, parking decks, garages, hospitals, or similar & specifically for dye and pigment Decorative Color Applications; retail spaces & showrooms, restaurants, business offices, lobby areas, museums, municipalities, airports, hospitals, schools, fire-stations, or most concrete surfaces.

A Shield Defending Your Investment

Green Umbrella™ Shield & Enhance is exceptionally resistant to the damaging effects of salt (chloride) with up to 91% concrete prevention – exceeding NCHRP-244 protection standard requirements.  Damage from salt on concrete surfaces requires billions of dollars each year to repair, replace or refurbish.  Green Umbrella Shield & Enhance protects your investment and works to deny salt entry into concrete capillaries, protecting against surface and subsurface damage. 

Solid Salt Resistance

Shield Concrete Color & Repel Contaminants 

Shield & Enhance utilizes advanced concrete treatment technology that couples a modern lithium densifier with a chemical formulation designed to resist salts and other contaminants from penetrating the concrete surface and doing lasting harm to the architectural concrete subsurface. 

Within the Green Umbrella MaxDefense System, Shield & Enhance provides ASTM-1308 protection against both concrete and ground water contaminants such as aviation fluid.  The use of Shield & Enhance on architectural concrete floors receiving color enhancement will ensure the colorant will remain within the surface and not exit the concrete.  Using Shield & Enhance will protect what you have invested in and expect from your concrete – a durable, aesthetic surface, impervious to nature.

Powerful Shop Protectant

Shield & Protect’s Primary Feature: SHIELD YOUR

Shield & Protect screens concrete against deicers, saltwater, and is the hardener of choice for freeze-thaw environments


  • S.O.L.O. application and R.T.U. treatment
  • Eliminate multiple applications needed from similar products
  • Alternative laborious flooring solutions


  • 20 minute dwell time
  • Short dry time
  • 3 hour to traffic & abrasive cut


  • Epoxy alternative & optional product
  • Extends life cycle of concrete
  • No VOC


  • Superior chloride intrusion prevention
  • Enhances the appearance of dyed or pigmented floors
  • Repels water oil and shop chemicals while it darkens and enhances the natural beauty of concrete, can be polished to semigloss
  • Breathable surface
  • Will not yellow
  • Increases hardness ¼ inch deep, while reducing porosity
  • Requires no rinsing & disposal and will not gel on surface — can be allowed to air dry
  • Decreases black tire marking from lift trucks and equipment — improving appearance
  • Stands up to heavy abrasion and foot traffic while providing excellent slip resistance
  • Resistant to most deicers
  • Prevents scaling of concrete

If specifying more than Shield & Enhance,

then “Make the Complex Simple”

by checking out the Green Umbrella Concrete Systems

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