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Filling the Voids“Green UmbrellaTM DryShield is an environmentally friendly concrete hardener and densifier. Reaching deep within the subsurface, DryShield creates more than a conventional shell surface. The unique formulation is insoluble, 100% reactive, and pH neutral—resulting in a bond within concrete that is harder, denser and less porous, while allowing maximum penetration of concrete colorants. A clear, odorless solution specially formulated to be a “CrossOver” densifier. Designed for application @early age, @profile & polish or @mature age concrete. Unlike conventional hardeners, DryShield is a S.O.L.O (Spray-On, Leave-On) treatment that requires no scrubbing or mopping during a single application and does not require pH balance of waste water if rinsed. DryShield produces a substrate that will stain less and wear longer, reducing maintenance frequency and extending the concrete’s life cycle. 

Green Umbrella DryShield Aggregate Concrete Floor
Green Umbrella Commercial Concrete Project


Varied Locations: Green Umbrella™ DryShield is specially formulated for use in manufacturing & light assembly plants, warehouse/distribution centers, food service operations, retail stores & showrooms, parking decks, garages, airports, hospitals and wherever concrete surfaces are maintained. It can be used for indoor or outdoor concrete

Deep SubSurface /

PH Neutral Concrete Hardener / Highly Abrasion Resistant

DryShield’s Primary Feature: Insolubility

Green Umbrella DryShield is Insoluble. Once DryShield has reacted within the concrete – it will not come out.

CUT YOUR LABOR. With DryShield™ there is no auto-scrubbing required.

CUT YOUR DOWNTIME. DryShield™ may be applied the same day as concrete is poured.

CUT YOUR ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT. DryShield™ uses natural silica to fill the voids.


  • Industry’s Most VERSATILE Cross-Over Densifier @ Early Age @ Mature Age @ Profile 
  • Insoluble, Product Permanence,Will Not Wash Out
  • Deepest Subsurface Penetration, 10X Deeper Than Conventional Hardness
  • Natural Silica Formulation, Environmentally Responsible  
  • Unique Nano Technology, Superior Performance
  • Superior Stand-Alone Concrete Hardener, 2X Hardness of  Conventional Hardeners
  • Prevents Dangerous Off-Dusting, Safer For Building Occupants
  • Resists penetration by many oils, chemicals and other stain-causing materials*

*(Low viscosity high detergent and chlorinated oils require MaxDefense)

  • Ph Neutral, Non-Hazardous 
  • 100 Percent Reactive, Creates More Than A Shell Surface 
  • 100 Percent Absorb, Cuts Waste 
  • Low Solids Formulation, Deeper Penetration
  • Reduces Porosity, Increased Life-Cycle
  • Creates A Breathable Surface, No Flake Or Peel 
  • Natural Appearance, Reduces Cleaning Schedule
  • Requires No Rinsing & Disposal, Cuts Labor
  • Will Not Gel On  Surface, No Swelling In Pores That Creates Craze Cracking  
  • Simply Air Dry, Cuts Labor
  • Highly Abrasion-Resistant To Foot & Wheeled Traffic, Increases Life Cycle 
  • SOLO Application & Brief Dwell Time, Cuts Downtime
  • Non-Sodium, Does Not Contribute To Alkali-Silica Reaction
  • No Efflorescence & Whitening Common With Conventional Floor Products, Cuts Downtime
  • No VOC’s, Environmentally Responsible 
  • Non-Resinous Polymer Formulation, Prevents Yellowing & Tire-Marking 
  • 2-3X Greater Coverage Rate Of Conventional Floor Products, Cuts Labor 

Additional Features & Benefits for Early Age Concrete 

  • Does Not Require Calcium Hydroxide Reaction, May Apply Same Day As Pour 
  • No 7-28 Day Application Restriction, Less Downtime 
  • Not A Desiccant, Will Not Damage Cure Of Surface

Additional Features & Benefits For Abrasively Polished Concrete

  • Designed For Wet Profile, Hone And Polish Process, No Slab Whitening 
  • Combines With Nano Colorant, One Step Color Densifier
  • Special Formulation, Increased Concrete Colorant Retention
  • No Concrete Sweating After Application, Prevents Long Downtime For Slab Recovery 
  • Deeply Subsurface, Is Not Cut Off During Profiling, Honing & Polishing Stages

Standards and Testing:

  • ASTM C779
  • ASTM C1583
  • ASTM 1308 With the Max Defense System
  • USDA Compliant
  • FDA Approved



Green Umbrella DryShield

May be applied the day of the pour with no adverse effects

Conventional Concrete Desifier

Wait 28 days after pour for proper concrete reaction


Product application is formulated for open concrete to have 400-500 square feet per gallon. With the use of a cutting agent Green Umbrella GreenCut, the product requirement usage increases to 600 square feet per gallon. Conventional concrete hardeners are applied at 150 square feet per gallon with some formulations being 300. However keep in mind Green Umbrella Dryshield is a  SOLO application (Spray-On-Leave-On) with only one application unlike the common hardeners.  

If specifiying more than DryShield,

then “Make the Complex Simple”

by checking out the Green Umbrella Concrete Systems

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