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Green Umbrella® ProfileFil Plus™ is the latest advancement in reactive grouting technology with GUnanoInside™ for profiled floors. Creating an invisible bond that improves surface strength. ProfileFil Plus’ innovative bonding formula and colorant acceptance ensure a long-term solution for abrasively polished architectural concrete floors with problems. It is formulated as a non-polluting, environmentally safe, and quick curing grout. Introduced during the profiling process @MatureAge™, it fills concrete micro-holes, micro-cracks, and even small aggregate roll-outs. Additionally, by closing off the surface, it allows for a highly reflective finish if desired. ProfileFil Plus is “The Slab Saver” for damaged architectural concrete that cannot be honed without surface grout, helping to lessen your environmental impact.

Whether you are a ship captain or out boating for the weekend with the family, knowledge, skills, and equipment, like a lifebuoy, are essential to save any soul who falls overboard. ProfileFil Plus is designed to save what was thought to be lost. It’s concrete’s lifebuoy. Having it onboard and knowing how to use it will ensure that concrete can be saved when a slab appears to be lost.

Green Umbrella DryShield Aggregate Concrete Floor
Green Umbrella Commercial Concrete Project


Whether interior or exterior, vertical or horizontal, use Green Umbrella® products in:

Demanding applications like warehouse and distribution centers, food service facilities, parking decks and garages, hospitals, and similar structures

Decorative color applications like retail spaces and showrooms, restaurants, business offices, lobby areas, museums, municipalities, airports, hospitals, schools, fire stations, and most concrete surfaces

Small tree breaks through the pavement. Green sprout of a plant makes the way through a crack asphalt. Concept: don't give up no matter what, nothing is impossible.
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ProfileFil Plus’ Primary Feature: Slab saver

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Green Umbrella ProfileFil Plus is “The Slab Saver” that rescues a retrofitted architectural concrete floor or a poorly performing concrete finish.


  • No need to replace slab, resurface, or epoxy coat
  • Eliminate multiple applications needed from similar products
  • Alternative laborious flooring solution


  • No extended dwell time
  • Short dry time
  • Three hours to traffic and abrasive cut


  • Epoxy alternative and optional product reduction
  • Extends lifecycle of concrete
  • No VOCs
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Features & Benefits

  • Designed for damaged or retrofitted floors, improving sustainability
  • Fills voids during the abrasive process, creating bonding at the right time
  • Superior reflectivity when honed and polished
  • Improved appearance
  • Improved color and subsurface absorption, elevating a densifier’s effectiveness
  • Ionic and reactive, providing longer lifecycles
  • Non-resinous with a complete bond
  • VOC compliant, reducing environmental impact
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