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Permanent Concrete Repair

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Green Umbrella Permanent Concrete Repair

Green Umbrella® PCR™ is designed for permanence, not just a temporary fix or patch. Permanent Concrete Repair is an industry-leading, high early strength, zero-shrink, water-proof component that can be applied in half the time of traditional patch products. PCR establishes a unique, tenacious bond for horizontal, vertical, or overhead repairs. Repair cracks, spalling, or trip hazards with structural strength. Stop the replacement cycle! PCR is a permanent, economical repair, reducing/eliminating costly concrete replacement.

Cut Your Labor Hardhat

Cut Your Labor

  • Install quickly and easily

Cut Your Downtime

  • Apply and open to traffic in a fraction of the time of other products in the industry

Cut Your Environmental Impact

  • Reduce the carbon footprint by rejuvenating existing concrete and eliminating landfill hazardous waste

Some products don’t always perform like they were designed to. However, PCR™ won’t disappoint. The above image shows concrete steps that were severely damaged before using the treatment. The contractor was astonished that 8 years later, the treatment is still successful.

Green Ice Cure System Background

Green Umbrella Permanent Concrete Repair 



Green Umbrella PCR


  • Permanent concrete repair solution
  • Incredible strength, 11,200 psi at full cure
  • Bonds tenaciously to concrete, preventing the need for future repairs
  • Open to foot traffic in 1 hour, cutting downtime
  • Open to wheeled traffic in 2 hours, cutting downtime
  • Better than new waterproofing and prevents environmental intrusion
  • Will not spall or flake off
  • Resistant to salt, oil, gasoline, and other potential contaminants
  • Can be stamped, broomed, or trowel finished
  • No sealer is required, cutting labor and additional products
  • Waterproof, increasing lifecycle

Versatile Architectural Applications

PCR can be used in the following settings:

  • Roadway repair
  • Airport runways
  • Light installation
  • Heavy industrial repairs
  • Dowel bar replacement
  • Concrete pavement joint repairs
  • Full-depth structural repairs
  • Setting of expansion device nosings
  • Bridge deck and highway overlays
  • Anchoring iron or steel bridge and balcony railings
  • Commercial freezer rooms
  • Truck docks
  • Parking decks and ramps
  • Horizontal and formed vertical or overhead surfaces


  • In a clean and dry container, introduce Liquid Activator PCR ONE followed by Dry Mix PCR TWO. Mix to the desired slump and apply using a trowel.
  • Install PCR on clean and dry horizontal, vertical, or overhead concrete surfaces.
  • Install at depths from feather to feet.
  • After installation, PCR requires no sealer or special maintenance.
  • Set Time: 10-30 minutes
  • Finish Options: Smooth, stamped, or broomed

Note: An accelerator, retarder, and/or filler aggregate may be required.

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