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Reaching For Cloud 9 in Architectural Concrete Design

Cloud 9 is, in fact, a reference by the International Cloud Atlas, first published in 1896. Its initial purpose included aiding the training of meteorologists and promoting more consistent use of a vocabulary describing clouds—cloud 9 being one of the highest. Many are familiar with the term as an expression of bliss, and maybe that is how design professionals and craftsmen feel when a concrete design comes full circle. The article that started The Concrete 9 series, published in 2011 in The Construction Specifier magazine, was the foundation for developing products that are now common in the marketplace.





  • Managing Expectations
  • Green Specifications
  • The Engineered Canvas
  • IAQ Equipment
  • Wet Profile and Hone Process
  • Green Treatments
  • Sustainable Color System
  • Sustainable Polish
  • Repair and Maintenance


Nine Fundamentals for Profiled, Honed, and Polished Architectural Concrete

  • The Concrete Surface
  • Testing Methods
  • Wet Versus Dry
  • Equipment
  • Liquid Cutting Agent
  • Cutting Abrasives
  • Honing Abrasives
  • Polishing Abrasives
  • Managing Specifications



  • Unconventional Architectural Floors
  • The Value of Higher Quality Floor Design
  • Integrally Troweled Cure and Placement Process
  • Canvas Components (Fiber, Expansive, Integral Colorant)
  • Wet Abrasive Process
  • Guides for Best Practices
  • Surface Treatments
  • Managing Expectations and Specifications
  • Canvas Cycle Management


    Nine Fundamentals for Placing and Curing an Integrally Troweled Concrete Floor

    • Defining the Vision and Mechanism
    • Mechanical Densified Method: The Placement
    • Mechanical Densified Method: The Finish
    • Troweled Cure
    • Surface Fixative
    • Unconventional Architectural Finish
    • Integral Color Options
    • Maintenance/Surface Treatment
    • Specifications


    Nine Fundamentals For Mechanically Profiled ITCP Floors
    Canvas Control and Abrasive Polish System

    • Unconventional Architectural Floors
    • Defining the Mechanism of Integrally Troweled Concrete: The Placement and Finish Troweled Cure
    • Surface Fixative
    • Surface Treatment
    • Wet Abrasive Process Equipment
    • Wet Abrasive Process
    • Managing Expectations and Specifications
    • Canvas Life Schedule


    Nine Fundamentals For Expansive Components for Shrinkage Compensating Concrete

    • Dry Shrinkage Is Controllable
    • Choice of Components
    • Producer Partnership
    • Mix Design
    • Restraint
    • Formwork
    • Placing
    • Finishing
    • Curing
    • The Conventional Reinforcement
    • The Level of  Reinforcement
    • The Types of Fiber Reinforcement
    • The Fiber Dosage
    • The Mix Design 
    • Transparency in the Mix  
    • Producer Partnership
    • Managing Expectations 
    • Managing Specifications 
    • The Integrally Colored Canvas
    • The Benefits Over Surface Colorant
    • The Environmental Impact of Colorants
    • The Colored Mix Design
    • The Producer Partnership
    • Finishing the Colored Canvas 
    • Managing Expectations
    • Managing Specifications
    • Canvas Cycle Managment
    • The Types of Concrete Colorants
    • Concrete Pigments  
    • Concrete Dyes
    • Managing Expectations
    • Sustainable Concerns 
    • Carry Agents
    • Application Requirements
    • Trouble Shooting
    • Surface Colorant Cycle Management


    • The Reflective Concrete Canvas
    • Cut Downtime
    • Cut Environmental Impact
    • Mix Design
    • Producer Relationship
    •  Reflectivity and Lower Utility Costs
    • Unique Surface Colorants With White Concrete
    • High-Performance Canvas
    • Canvas Cycle Management

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