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Green Umbrella® ColorShield™ is an interior or exterior color densifier that creates a repairable color surface to seal broom finished, open, profiled or honed concrete surfaces with a medium to a high gloss finish. First, the formulation penetrates deep in the subsurface to densify the floor. Next, it fills the subsurface upward with a colorant, lastly, as a subtopical with an interlocked protective colorguard and wearguard barrier that performs like a micro-finish sealer—uniquely formulated as a non-resinous polymer that is not prone to peeling. Combine with a choice of two Green Umbrella® colorants, NanoExterior™ for pigment for exterior applications, or combine with an interior NanoDye™ for a deep, even color. ColorShield™ forms a breathable, dense, maintainable, protective layer. ColorShield™ enhances and protects exposed concrete surfaces – with or without abrasive profiling or honing — extending life-cycle, promoting a clean appearance, with color while repelling potential contaminants, leaving the surface easy to clean, maintain and repair.

Diverse / Vibrant / Safe

The next generation of concrete colorants

Green Umbrella & ColorShield

Green Umbrella ColorShield™ is a pigment-based concrete finish product that colors the floor as it penetrates. ColorShield provides UV-stable color and a glossy sheen that can be applied both outdoors and indoors. Can be used with or without polishing.

Cut Your Labor

Spray and go application means less labor. 

Cut Your Downtime

Quick dry and set time advances a schedule.

Cut Your Environmental Impact

Less construction waste, a permenent flooring option, made from the slab.

Features & Benefits

  • Quick application, easy to change colors or repair if necessary
  • UV stable color – can be used both indoors and outdoors
  • No need for sealers, paints or epoxies that flake off
  • Increases hardness and density while reducing porosity
  • Not a stain – no harmful or toxic chemical exposure
  • Beautiful sheen with or without polishing
  • No need for concrete to be flat, ColorShield follows contoured surfaces
  • Stands up to heavy abrasion while providing excellent slip resistance and increased chemical resistance
  • Use with polished and non-polished concrete

Carrier: ColorShield Base

ColorShield is specially formulated for use in :

  • industrial
  • manufacturing
  • light assembly
  • warehouse/distribution centers
  • food service operations
  • retail stores & showrooms
  • parking decks
  • garages
  • airports
  • hospitals

    ColorShield Color Menu

    Smoky Quartz


    Red Clay

    Dark Jade

    Night Sky



    Dusk Blue

    Golden Sands


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