The Benefits of Polished Concrete



Why Owners Prefer Polished Concrete

When considering the long-term maintenance cost of flooring options, owners find polished concrete to be a better return on investment. A properly polished concrete floor is maintained by sweeping, mopping, and occasionally burnishing. Stripping and waxing are not required.

Vinyl flooring and carpet have short lifespans. Once their lifespan is up, they are torn out and replaced. Polished concrete that is maintained will last outlast its alternatives, giving a better return on investment.

Why Design Professionals Prefer Polished Concrete

Architectural concrete is a versatile canvas for designers to work with. Adding integral color, etching, and other methods afford creativity while remaining practical.

Cutting downtime is important to keep a project on schedule. Polished concrete in an existing or new building can cut days from the schedule. In some cases, the polished concrete floor can be installed the same day the concrete is placed.

Why Builders Prefer Polished Concrete

Cutting labor, downtime, and environmental impact is our mission at Green Umbrella. A builder understands that labor, downtime, and waste all chip away from the profits. If you can cut those costs, you will increase your profits.

Compared with alternative flooring options, polished concrete gives a superior product with less labor, downtime, and environmental impact. When using Green Umbrella treatment systems, builders and owners benefit even more.



Why the Earth Prefers Polished Concrete

Once carpet and vinyl flooring have reached the end of their lifespans, they are pulled up and thrown into a landfill. More carpet and vinyl flooring are manufactured, delivered, and installed. Polished concrete uses what is already in the building, either existing or new. A concrete slab does not need to be covered. It can be processed and used as the flooring. If a new owner or user of the building requires changing the flooring, this can be done by processing the floor again or covering it. Polished concrete does not need to be thrown away at the end of its life.

Green Umbrella is built on green, renewable principles. Our treatments are designed to give the highest quality product while being safe for the environment and the workers handling them.



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