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POlishing Concrete Done right and Wrong



GreenIce™ creates a durable concrete floor with a gloss shine.

G r e e n I ce Cure System™, creates a concrete slab with a surface that looks like ice! The process begins with our two-part curing products IceStart and IceStop. These unique curing agents are specially designed to work with the concrete trowel to reduce or eliminate common problems flatwork finishers face. With our third product, IceCap, you can achieve the same brilliance as would a Grind Hone and Polish floor specified for many box stores and warehouses. All with less labor, less downtime and less environmental impact. Giving the look and clarity of a fresh sheet of ice over a concrete slab.
Properly cured/protected concrete with a tight finish, and moderate gloss with GreenIce Cure System™.

Features & Benefits

• Ease of finishing, eliminates false set
• Reduces drag on the concrete, meets slip resistance standard
• Reduces subsurface lateral microcracking
• Remove cat faces
• Retards set times in hot weather
• Does not extend set times in cold weather
• Allows finishing of dry shake as if it is normal concrete
• Looks like a mechanically polished (GHP) floor
• Better protection than found on mechanically finished floors
• Opens new markets for flat-work contractors

The GHP Process for Polished Architectural Concrete

Grind, Hone and Polish

The Green Umbrella GHP Process: Steps Towards Achieving a Ground, Honed and Polished (GHP) Floor

Polishing a floor is more than just opening the concrete and applying an acrylic sealer! The Green Umbrella GHP process is the art of mechanically and chemically processing a concrete floor through a series of grinding, honing and polishing techniques to produce a reflective surface.

Substrate Prep
Includes the removal of any floor coatings, tile, carpet, mastics, glue, etc.

The concrete is opened up and surface blemishes removed using heavy duty grinding machines equipped with bonded, impregnated discs. Additional floor flattening may occur as well.

A variety of concrete treatments may be applied to dust-proof, seal out potential contaminants, provide abrasion resistance, repel salts, oils, etc.

Using grinders and a bonded tool that mechanically produces a matte appearance and a slight clarity of reflection.

Penetrating Colorants
When desired, colorants may be introduced to a properly opened concrete substrate. Some colorants are better when multiple colors are desired. Others in outdoor environments.

Last step in the mechanically processing of the floor that produces a clarity of reflection like a mirror and has a glass-like finish.

Penetrating Microfilm
A concrete treatment may be applied to protect against foreign contaminants, oils, acids, etc.

Make sure your spec contains:

Equipment-Must have production rates that will not impede other trade schedules
Abrasives– The Cut is as critical as the Treatments
Treatments– Hardener, Color, Microfilm
Polished Concrete Done Right
Some potential problems arise when polishing concrete. Green Umbrella has taken these issues and provided strong solutions to overcome them. Where other companies may fall short, we take the time and effort to make sure you are left with the best possible product.

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