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Cure and densifier in one

Green Umbrella® SoloCure™ is a water-based, membrane-forming curing compound and densifier that meets ASTM C-309; this S.O.L.O. formula can be applied on @EarlyAge slabs immediately after place and finish. One of the most innovative products on today’s market, SoloCure saves time and money during placement by replacing multiple products with one easy-to-use application. This product is specifically designed for concrete that needs long-term protection against heavy wear & abuse without the high VOC content in conventional products. The membrane will form on the surface of the concrete restricting moisture from evaporating while allowing the hardener to penetrate deep into the matrix for improved control over both curing times and strengthening properties.

Green Umbrella DryShield Aggregate Concrete Floor
Green Umbrella Commercial Concrete Project
Green Umbrella School Project
Green Umbrella Concrete Project Hotel Indigo
Green Umbrella Concrete Project Warehouse

SOLOCURE’s Primary Feature: Cure and densifier in one

Green Umbrella SoloCure is Insoluble. Once SoloCure has reacted within the concrete – it will not come out.


  • Enhances lifecycle, reducing future repairs
  • S.O.L.O. application & R.T.U. treatment
  • @EarlyAge membrane forming cure & densifier, reducing construction mobilizations


  • @EarlyAge sealer, provides early protection
  • Short dry time
  • 3 hours to traffic


  • Product reduction – 2 in 1 Cure & Densifier
  • Extends life cycle of concrete
  • Increased abrasion resistance

If specifiying more than SoloCure,

then “Make the Complex Simple”

by checking out the Green Umbrella Concrete Systems

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How do densifiers work?

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