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Green Umbrella® DeepClean & Maintain™ is a high-performance, architectural concrete subsurface floor cleaner that works within the Health Sentinel system as a daily or frequent use concrete cleaner. Featuring powerful contaminant releasing properties, clarity enhancer, and when paired w/Slip Resist works to significantly enhance slip resistance. Engineered in a highly concreted formulation to significantly reduce your impact on the environment and logistics expense. The unique properties penetrate porosities for a deep-cleaning action that fights to breakdown grease, oil, and other contaminants — all without leaving any surface residue. An advanced alternative to high pH or sodium based cleaners and the damaging effects of etching, gloss reduction, surface breakdown or contributing to ASR. The conditioning formula penetrates, and is absorbed into the concrete, to clean and clarify promoting a healthy concrete restoration. DeepClean & Maintain with GUnanoInside™ clarifies and maintains – improving lifecycle, health, safety and wellness.

Green Umbrella DryShield Aggregate Concrete Floor
Green Umbrella Commercial Concrete Project


Ideal for interior or exterior, vertical or horizontal in Demanding Applications; warehouse/distribution centers, food service, parking decks, garages, hospitals, or similar & specifically for dye and pigment in Decorative Color Applications; retail spaces & showrooms, restaurants, business offices, lobby areas, museums, municipalities, airports, hospitals, schools, fire stations, or most concrete surfaces.

Green Umbrella School Project
Green Umbrella Concrete Project Hotel Indigo
Green Umbrella Concrete Project Warehouse

GreenClean’s Primary Feature: MAKING IT

Surface conditioner for slip resistance


  • Replaces the need for labor-intensive floor
  • Cleans & restores with one pass of floor scrubber
  • Lowest floor maintenance


  • Eliminates timely floor stripping
  • Air dry within minutes
  • Encourages the efficiency of floor scrubber
    maintenance program


  • Alternative to off-gassing flooring
  • Ph neutral & No VOC
  • No phosphates, sodium hydroxides or butyls


  • Added slip-resistance

  • Increased abrasion resistance
  • pH neutral

  • Environmentally friendly

  • Quickly releases dirt and oils

  • Concentrated

  • No-rinse formula

  • No harmful phosphates, sodium hydroxides, or butyls

  • Cost-effective and non-damaging

“Make the Complex Simple”

by checking out the Green Umbrella Concrete Systems

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