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The next generation of concrete colorants

Dye That is Versatile to Apply

Green Umbrella® NanoDye™ concrete colorant is an interior, translucent, subsurface, pH neutral dye that utilizes nano-sized particulates to penetrate the concrete, depositing colorant embedded in the concrete subsurface, promoting a longer life-cycle. Due to this size, NanoDye™ has an rich, even and more complete appearance than conventional colorants. Intended for use @Profile&Polish within a treatment system or application on any indoor substrate with suitably prepared concrete. Combined with GreenUmbrella CrossOver™ densifiers, NanoDye™ may be installed @EarlyAge™ and in high humidity environments where other colorants do not perform well. @EarlyAge™ staging significantly Cuts Labor and Cuts Downtime. For applications like logos, multi-color patterns, or linear borders, or striping, mix with VOC compliant, non-acid Acetone for quick-to-dry installations. NanoDye™ offers more than fourteen colors with varied intensity and may even be introduced to concrete using water. A rich, deep, odorless, single-saturation color application colorant, extending colored concrete’s life cycle with superior results. With so many options it is the “dye that is versatile to apply”.

Vibrant and eye-catching – tie-dye is well-known. Established processes of introducing color successfully to fabric have been around for centuries, either the blueberry the native Americans used in their coloring process or the popular dye-tie shirts of the 60’s and 70’s. They grabbed attention and just made you stare. Dye with color deep in their fabric, they did not fade easily, unlike the color transfers of decal shirts at the carnival at the county fair. NanoDye, a Penetrating Interior Liquid Nano Dye Colorant by Green Umbrella formulated with GUNano inside.

Primary feature 


NanoDye may be mixed with water, GU Crossover
Densifiers, or acetone. Easily apply with a S.O.L.O.1
application with GU recommended sprayer for coverage of 250-600 SF per gallon depending on choice of carrying agent and color. Proceed with best practices for PHP floors. To maintain, simply damp mop, auto scrub and periodically burnish using Green Umbrella Life Cycle™ maintenance system treatments.

Cut Your Labor

  • Eliminate multiple applications needed from similar products
  • Optional 2 in1 product when mix with GU CrossOver™ densifiers
  • Water and acetone application options

Cut Your Downtime

  • @EarlyAge stages
  • Combines with CrossOver™ densifier for single application
  • Mix with acetone for quick-dry
  • No residue to scrub/remove

Cut Your Environmental Impact

  • Epoxy alternative & optional product reduction
  • pH neutral
  • No VOC w/acetone, densifier or water

Features & Benefits

  • No odor, good for application where adjacent areas are occupied
  • Wide variety of color options
  • For polished and non-polished concrete
  • VOC complient
  • Easy application
  • Great for indoor applications

Carrier: Acetone / Water / DryShield

NanoDye is specially formulated for use in :

  • industrial
  • manufacturing
  • light assembly
  • warehouse/distribution centers
  • food service operations
  • retail stores & showrooms
  • parking decks
  • garages
  • airports
  • hospitals

    NanoDye Color Menu


    Cocoa Bean

    New Penny

    Terra Cotta




    Gator Green


    Jenna Blue


    Meidling Blue



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