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Diverse / Vibrant / VOC Compliant 

Green Umbrella Nanodye

The next generation of concrete colorants

Green Umbrella NanoDye

Green Umbrella NanoDye is a translucent dye that uses exceptionally fine molecules of color that deeply penetrate most concrete surfaces. Use NanoDye with acetone for crisp and vibrant color definition. 

NanoDye may also be introduced to concrete using water or when added to Green Umbrella DryShield.

Cut Your Labor

Use NanoDye to quickly and effectively introduce color into concrete.  

Cut Your Downtime

NanoDye disperses instantly into any carrying agent, no lengthy mix or dwell time.

Cut Your Environmental Impact

A permanent color option without needing hazardous or high VOC sealants.

Features & Benefits

  • No odor, good for application where adjacent areas are occupied
  • Wide variety of color options
  • For polished and non-polished concrete
  • VOC complient
  • Easy application
  • Great for indoor applications

Carrier: Acetone / Water / DryShield

NanoDye is specially formulated for use in :

  • industrial
  • manufacturing
  • light assembly
  • warehouse/distribution centers
  • food service operations
  • retail stores & showrooms
  • parking decks
  • garages
  • airports
  • hospitals

    NanoDye Color Menu


    Cocoa Bean

    New Penny

    Terra Cotta




    Gator Green


    Jenna Blue


    Meidling Blue



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