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SlurryMonster is the complete slurry solution you’ve been looking for. 

When we say we offer the entire solution for slurry management, we mean it. We understand the headaches that come along with recovery, processing, testing, hauling, disposal, and compliance, and that’s why we’re here. We’re solely dedicated to the management of slurry in all capacities and fields.

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Bulk Bag – Open Top

  • Our disposable open top slurry bag is the perfect cost-effective solution for containment and disposal of slurry waste. They come with lift straps for easy forklift removal when it’s ready to be disposed of.
      • Size: 35x35x35
      • Holds up to 2200 lbs.
      • Lift straps for easy forklift removal
      • Foldable
      • Open top


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  • The SlurryVac is portable and tough. Designed with a coated steel drum, roll cage and drain plugs. We have both a 30 gal. and 55 gal. vacuum for every need.
  • The SlurryVac comes with different options depending on what you’re looking to accomplish with your slurry waste. Our vacs are truly customized and engineered to make the collection, disposal, and recirculation with chemicals easy.
  • No valve(s): this vac allows for the collection of slurry only.
  • One valve: allows for easy pump out of slurry into a berm or tote for disposal.
  • Two valves: easy pump in/pump out of slurry. Also, great if you plan on recirculating slurry.
  • Choose from three options: no valve, one valve, or two valves.
      • Float Enclosure
      • Roll Cage Protection
      • Durable and Coated Steel Drum
      • Powerful Suction

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Bulk Bag – Duffle Top

  • SlurryMonster bulk bags with a duffle top are a recyclable and cost effective way to dispose of and/or contain slurry. Made for one time use, they can hold up to 2,200 LBS., are foldable – leaving you more room, and have forklift straps for easy haul-off.
      • Size: 35x35x48
      • Holds up to 2200 lbs.
      • Foldable
      • Open top with pre-sewn ties for easy closure when full
      • Lift straps for removal with a forklift


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Features & Benefits

Slurry Monster

  • Kits and Systems: We offer both options, the difference between the two being the equipment and products. Our Kits come without equipment — Systems include equipment and kits to make it a true and complete solution. With our systems and kits, you can choose or customize a solution for your slurry needs. 
  • Testing: When slurry is collected, it must be tested prior to landfill disposal. Landfills won’t accept slurry without the proper testing and certification. We take care of the testing, and the manifests that are required for proper hauling and disposal. 
  • Hauling: Hauling the waste can be time consuming, and difficult to manage. That’s why we offer hauling services of your waste as well. After the testing is completed and the manifest has been generated, we’re then ready to schedule disposal. 
  •  Disposal: We’ve partnered and entered into agreements with landfills Nationwide to manage and dispose of your slurry — giving you back time and effort you’d spend with that task. 

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