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Green Umbrella® IceStart™ is a unique curing agent used to ensure an adequately cured floor and is the first of a two-part GreenIce Cure™ system. Uses a treatment and trowel process to achieve high-performance floors. IceStart reduces subsurface lateral micro-cracks, mud and shrinkage cracks, and cat faces. Formulated to ease finishing by reducing drag on concrete. IceStart provides increased finish ability in hot weather without extending the set time in cold weather. IceStart minimizes false sets. Used on dry shake, it will finish as if conventional concrete. Control joints will have a sharper cut that will be shallower. From the ‘start,’ you will have the treatment for a high-performance architectural concrete floor.

IceStart creates a durable concrete floor with moderate gloss/shine

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  • Concrete cure
  • Advance the construction stage
  • Finishing aid
  • Eliminate bond issues for flooring
  • Minimizes false set
  • Minimizes crusting
  • Closes capillaries to water and vapor
  • transmission
  • No free water, creating denser concrete
  • Surface applied admixture
  • Neutral pH and calm surface reaction
  • Increase ACI 302 window of finish ability
  • Mechanical and chemical densification
  • Compression dewatering of slab
  • GreenIce Cure penetration >25mm (>0.98″)
  • Moisture retention evaporation control
  • Prevents rapid surface moisture loss
  • Passes ASTM C156 and E96 parameters for curing
  • Maximum moisture retention for cement hydration
  • Provides the ability to correct errors in finishing
  • Reduces drag on trowel blades, decreasing subsurface parallel micro-fracturing
  • Significantly reduces surface crazing
  • It can be used in conjunction with trap rock or dry shake hardeners to ease their application
  • Densify at placement, no return, no remobilization
  • Hard troweled surface without over-troweling
  • Ease of finishing and eliminates false set
  • Reduces drag on the concrete
  • Reduces subsurface lateral micro-cracking
  • Removes cat faces
  • Increases window of finish ability in hot weather
  • Does not extend set times in cold weather
  • No more chasing a slab that is quick setting
  • Best practices provide exceptional finish and strength with superior FL and FF results
  • Reduces plastic shrinkage cracks
  • Extended workability of the slab surface
IceStart Logo

IceStart is a unique curing agent used to ensure a properly cured floor. IceStart is applied over the concrete during the troweling process. It is designed to ease finishing by reducing drag on concrete and subsurface lateral micro-cracks, mud cracks, cat faces, and shrinkage cracks.

IceStart provides a set time that is retarded in hot weather and won’t extend the set time in cold weather. IceStart eliminates false sets.

Dry shake will finish as if on normal concrete. Control joints will have a sharper cut that will be shallower.


  • Achieve the properties of a polished concrete floor using normal pour and finish practice with no additional labor


  • Applied on pour day, eliminating the need to introduce dissipating products or return to densify


  • Eliminates the need to introduce several concrete treatments that will dissipate or be removed later
  • Water-based and environmentally friendly


The GreenIce Cure™ system results in a cured, sealed concrete floor with polished concrete properties the same day the slab is poured.


Water Cure

Chemical Cure

Densified Floor

Conventional Polished Abrasive Concrete

Number of days spent waiting after the pour and finish

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