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2019 Green Umbrella Craftsman of the Year:

Shawn Bullock – Absolute Concrete Flooring – Denver, Colorado USA

Shawn has been crafting polished concrete for over a decade.  Partnering with Green Umbrella has led him on a journey from small beginnings and just a single grinder to becoming as established as the Rocky Mountains and completing large-scale projects for clients such as Colorado School of Mines, Pepsi and Hotel Indigo to name a few.  His success has been fueled by Green Umbrella Engineered Polished Concrete Treatment Systems.

Life in the Rockies calls for rugged, durable finishes and Green Umbrella MaxDefense has been a mainstay in Absolute Concretes projects.

Shawn won 2nd Place from the American Concrete Institute for his craftsmanship on the Metro State University of Denver–Aerospace & Engineering Building. 

His loyalty, craftsmanship and determination to provide lasting solutions to his clients by installing Green Umbrella have made him the 2019 Green Umbrella Craftsman of the Year!