2019 Green Umbrella Craftsman of the Year

Shawn Bullock – Absolute Concrete Flooring – Denver, Colorado USA

Shawn has been crafting polished concrete for over a decade. Partnering with Green Umbrella has led him on a journey from small beginnings to becoming as established as the Rocky Mountains and completing large-scale projects for clients such as Colorado School of Mines, Pepsi, and Hotel Indigo, just to name a few. Green Umbrella-engineered polished concrete treatment systems have fueled his success.

Life in the Rocky Mountains calls for rugged, durable finishes, and the Green Umbrella Max Defenseā„¢ system has been a mainstay in local projects.

Shawn won second place from the American Concrete Institute for his craftsmanship with the Aerospace and Engineering Sciences Building at MSU.

His loyalty and determination to provide lasting solutions to his clients by using Green Umbrella treatments have made him the 2019 Green Umbrella Craftsman of the Year!