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Green Umbrella® FiberLite™ is a low dose, insoluble, transparent in the mix, uniquely designed, secondary reinforcement concrete fiber. Providing isotropic, fiber reinforcement that displaces evenly, without clumping or unsightly protrusion from concrete commonly seen in other fibers. The even dispersion and transparency in the mix make it the best choice for exposed architectural concrete with integral or dyed floors and all exposed concrete finishes, vertical or horizontal. FiberLite provides the added protection from sudden temperature fluctuation and wind changes that cause unsightly plastic cracking—providing an engineered dose that outworks conventional dosing with the lowest .66 pound dosage per c/y and the highest 600,000,000+ fibers per pound count – versus standard market fibers. Transparent in placement and finishing providing no burden to the pumping or finishing crews. Secondary reinforcement with equal strength to Welded Wire Fabric. FiberLite reinforces without the need for WWM mats, layout, installation, overlapping, tying/placing and potential vapor barrier damage due to puncture. Fiberlite’s unique formulation forms an ionic bond within the fresh matrix attacking plastic shrinkage cracking and reducing it over 94%! Three-dimensional, next-generation reinforcement from top to bottom.

The next generation of reinforcement

Green Umbrella & Fiberlite

Green Umbrella™ Fiberlite is a uniquely designed concrete fiber that can be used as a powerful reinforcement.

Fiberlite can be used as an alternative or combined with wire mesh to reduce cracking due to stress on the slab. It gives three-dimensional reinforcement throughout the concrete.

Fiberlite is a monofilament fiber that displaces evenly. It doesn’t clump or protrude, making it transparent in the mix, meaning it does not affect the final look , like protruding hairs,  including when polished or dyed.

Cut Your Labor

Reinforcement in the mix.

Comparable to introducing a wire mesh mat into the mixer, instead of spending hours tying metal and mesh reinforcement on the ground, Fiberlite is reinforcement in the mix.

Cut Your Downtime

Repair time dramatically reduced.

The time spent returning to cracks for repair is dramatically reduced/eliminated. After the pour and finish, a project moves forward without needing to set aside time for repairs such as punctured vapor barriers, cracking due to mat misplacement, or plastic cracking.

Cut Your Environmental Impact

Materials reduced.

Less manufactured materials are needed. For example the amount of large, heavy metal mats is reduced, meaning less industrial waste and transportation pollution.

Compression Tests of Concrete Cylinders

Isotropic reinforcement means fiber reinforced concrete is stronger from top to bottom.

Fiber Reinforced Concrete

  • Top 62% 62%
  • Middle 75% 75%
  • Bottom 87.5% 87.5%

Conventional Concrete

  • Top 25% 25%
  • Middle 50% 50%
  • Bottom 87.5% 87.5%


Green Umbrella Fiberlite™ is a uniquely designed concrete fiber that can be used as a powerful reinforcement. Fiberlite can be used as an alternative or combined with wire mesh to reduce cracking due to stress on the slab.

Features and Benefits

• Enhanced durability, fatigue and flexural performance
• Provides secondary reinforcement with equal strength to WWM and light rebar
• Three dimensional reinforcement to prohibit cracking
• Alkali resistant & non-corrosive
• Reduced in place cost
• High impact resistance and wear resistance
• 4x Macro fiber count
• Excellent finish-ability

• Enhances performance & durability
• Provides isotropic reinforcement
• Eliminates most or all plastic shrinkage cracking
• Alkali resistant & non-corrosive
• Insoluble in water
• No fiber protrusion for easy finishing
• High impact resistance
• Excellent bond with concrete paste

Additional Features & Benefits for
Fiberlite Reinforcement Fibers
• Fiberlite added to concrete chemically locks in the fresh concrete matrix, controlling plastic shrinkage.
• Fiberlite provides secondary reinforcement which helps eliminate crack formation that causes permanent weakening of the resultant concrete.
• Significantly different than fibrillated products which don’t finish or pump well due to their stick-like structure

Fiberlite is transparent in the mix 

In comparison to other fibers

In a Poll of over 200 Design Professionals

Do you have concerns about curling and cracking concrete?

  • Yes 79% 79%

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