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Green Umbrella® FiberMacX™ is a variable dose, high-impact resistant, wear-resistant, secondary reinforcement concrete fiber uniquely designed to enhance durability, flexural strength, and performance while reducing fatigue. Providing isotropic, three-dimensional, stick fiber reinforcement with strength comparable to WWF or light rebar without the potential for failure due to alkali or corrosion. The even dispersion promotes impermeable concrete resistance to concrete cracking due to fatigue. Secondary reinforcement with equal strength to welded wire fabric (WWF), FiberMacX reinforces without needing large mats or light rebar materials, labor and installation (time, freight, expense), and potential vapor barrier damage due to puncture. Removing typical wire mats or rebar eliminates potential future failure due to corrosion. Place and finish crews no longer have to maintain steel reinforcement across a complete grade or deck, eliminating the need for retying bars or resetting chairs. Attack crack formation and reinforce the concrete matrix with doses starting at 3 lbs. per c/y, boasting 4x competitor product macro fiber count.

The next generation of reinforcement

Green Umbrella & FiberMacX

Green Umbrella® FiberMacX™ mechanically locks in the fresh concrete matrix, controlling cracking.

FiberMacX is a secondary reinforcement that replaces wire mesh and light rebar. It eliminates the permanent weakening of the concrete caused by crack formations. FiberMacX is durable, impact-resistant, and fatigue resistant. It provides added flexural toughness and improves your bottom line.

FiberMacX displaces evenly. It doesn’t clump or protrude and is transparent in the mix, meaning it does not affect the final look of the concrete, including when polished or dyed.


  • Eliminate installation of WWF or light rebar
  • No light rebar or chairs
  • Easily introduced into the mix


  • No WWF or light rebar on-site, eliminating injury hazards
  • Simple batch mixing and limited freight
  • No steel supply chain limitations


  • Extends lifecycle of concrete
  • Alkali resistant and non-corrosive
  • Increased impact and wear resistance

Compression Tests of Concrete Cylinders

Isotropic reinforcement means fiber-reinforced concrete is stronger from top to bottom.

Fiber-Reinforced Concrete

  • Top 62% 62%
  • Middle 75% 75%
  • Bottom 87.5% 87.5%

Conventional Concrete

  • Top 25% 25%
  • Middle 50% 50%
  • Bottom 87.5% 87.5%
Green Umbrella Fi-Bar


Green Umbrella® FiberMacX™ is a uniquely designed concrete fiber that can be used as a powerful reinforcement. FiberMacX can be used as a replacement for wire mesh and light rebar.

Features & Benefits

• Enhanced durability and flexural performance
• Provides secondary reinforcement with equal strength to WWM and light rebar
• Three-dimensional reinforcement to prohibit cracking
• Alkali resistant and non-corrosive
• Reduced placement costs
• High-impact resistance and wear resistance
• 4x macro fiber count

Additional Features & Benefits

• FiberMacX is added to concrete mechanically and locks in the fresh concrete matrix, controlling cracking
• FiberMacX provides secondary reinforcement that helps eliminate crack formation that causes permanent weakening of the concrete
• With FiberMacX, concrete is less permeable, has a smooth surface, and is highly impact resistant
•Replaces welded wire fabric and rebar
•Increased fiber count and improved residual strength

Design With Isotropic Fiber and Avoid Any Shift in Reinforcement