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Green Umbrella

Applicator Certification


Green Umbrella Applicator Certification


Green Umbrella Applicator

A Green Umbrella™ Applicator is trained and certified to use our family of concrete treatments for an environmentally friendly concrete floor.  An Applicator is approved to use Green Umbrella treatments, but may be introducing them using a variety of equipment and abrasive tooling setups (not Green Umbrella recommended) which may influence the outcome of the final product.  Becoming a certified Applicator enables the contractor to bid on Green Umbrella specified projects nationwide.

Why choose to become a Green Umbrella Applicator?

Contractor Friendly

  • Densifiers do not require a scrub-in/scrub-out installation process
  • Colorants penetrate and stay in concrete
  • Industry leading square feet per gallon application ratios
  • Liquid cutting agents save abrasive tooling and reduce steps

Owner Preferred

  • Densifiers do not wash out
  • Colorants do not walk-off
  • Guards protect the mechanical polish and investment from contaminants
  • Green Umbrella Engineered Polished Concrete looks better, lasts longer and is easier to maintain using Green Umbrella’s unique line of concrete maintenance products

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