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BaseDefense with Color For Mechanically Processed/PHP Concrete Floor

A Variety of Rich Color Options / Quick Drying / Highest Abrasion Resistance / Natural Concrete Appearance 


System Value Statement

  • High Performance Concrete
  • Water Resistant And Repellent
  • Protects From Oils and Solvents
  • Abrasion Resistance
  • Integral Color Options
  • NanoDye Colorant Options


Why Green Umbrella BaseDefense with Color?

A good team is a team whose strengths complement one another, a good team plays well together.

It is important that chemistry applied to concrete follows the same principle. Concrete treatments that complement one another; coupled with the proper mechanically ground, honed, and polished floor can create a winning combination for your polished concrete needs.

The Green Umbrella™ BaseDefense with Color System is made up of two key players accompanied by a choice of colorants to choose from:

Green Umbrella™ DryShield has one of the highest abrasion resistance levels on the market.

Green Umbrella™ offers a variety of color choices with Integral colorants and NanoDye Concrete Colorant.

To finish of the lineup Green Umbrella Microfilm™ offers a repairable surface layer making Green Umbrella Max Defense Treatment System™ a team that has you covered.

BaseDefense with Color

Products: Treatments


Reference – ASTM D-1308

Testing was completed on 1 cubic inch concrete samples that had been treated with a three-part protocol using Dry Shield, Shield & Enhance and Microfilm (or RTU Microfilm). Each cube was completely immersed in the respective chemicals for 48 hours. No visually perceptible changes occurred in any sample surface texture or appearance (color).

Chemical Resistance to:
JP-8+100 fuel  

0.1% weight gain


30wt Motor Oil  

0.007% weight gain


Skydrol 500 B-4  

0.05% weight gain

Penetrating & Repairable Surface Treatment


Profile Hone Polish

Quality Control

BaseDefense with Color

Execution:  Process, Abrasive, Equipment

Green Umbrella™ equipment and abrasives are designed specifically for wet grinding.  Equipped with a standard quick change system to promote even abrasive wear and quick field changes cutting downtime on GHP projects.

The wet process eliminates airborne crystalline silica dust and its potential health hazards such as silicosis due to the inhalation of these dangerous airborne particulates improving IAQ (Indoor Air Quality). Propane is one of the cleanest burning fossil fuels, cutting emissions and leaving a smaller carbon footprint than a typical electric model.

BaseDefense with Color

Features & Benefits

High-Performance Concrete

  • Designed for environmental wet Grinding, Honing and Polishing
  • pH neutral
  • Will not form white residue that has to be recut
  • Increases hardness and density, while reducing porosity
  • Requires no rinsing & disposal and will not gel on surface
  • Resists penetration by oils, chemicals and other stain-causing materials
  • Decreases black tire marking from lift trucks and other equipment
  • Increased hardness and density
  • Adds dust and stain proofing properties
  • Excellent resistance to efflorescence, fungi and mildew growth
  • Stands up to heavy abrasion and floor traffic while providing excellent slip resistance
  • Highly resistant to aviation oils for up to 48 hours
  • Resists acid and chemical exposure
  • Not prone to whitening, will not peel or flake
  • USDA/FDA approved for incidental food contact
  • Very low maintenance

Cut Your Labor

An entire system designed to do more with less.  Machines 40% more productive, a cutting agent that eliminates steps, densifiers that are spray and go all add up a substancial labor savings.

Cut Your Downtime

A system installed in days instead of weeks, weeks instead of months.  Processing and completing a polished floor without holding up a project.

Cut Your Environmental Impact

Environmentally friendly treatments, water and silica based.  Reduces construction waste with a finished product incorparated with the slab, and easier to maintain. 

  • Stain Resistance (Up to 48 Hours) 97% 97%
  • Chloride Intrusion (Salt Resistance) 91% 91%
  • Abrasion Resistance 100% 100%
  • Stain Resistance (Up to 48 Hours) 91% 91%
  • Saturation 91% 91%
  • Hardness 91% 91%

BaseDefense with Color

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