Canvas Control & Profile CutSheet
Canvas Control & Profile CutSheet

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Making Your Concrete
Performance Ready

Green Umbrella® Canvas Control & Profile™ is a system for interior or exterior applications. Installed @EarlyAge™ using components that cure, color, eliminate control joints and concrete shrinkage, and reduce curl. Benefits include eliminating joint cutting, filling, and maintenance while producing a high-performance, optional integral color with 2 1/2 times the lifecycle of conventional concrete and exhibition-worthy, abrasively processed architectural concrete that can perform like no other.

The number of products is reduced to six from traditional concrete placement methods that take twice the amount of products. Start with GreenCanvas™—a component for shrinkage compensating concrete that eliminates joint cutting, filling, and Lifecycle™ maintenance. For architectural concrete, include ColorPac™, a more sustainable and economical sprayed surface colorant, and FiberLite™, a unique isotropic fiber that is transparent in the mix. Finish with the GreenIce Cure & Cap™ system—IceStart™, IceStop™, and IceCap™—to provide a day-of-placement cure with densification benefits. Canvas Control & Profile then adds the GreenCut Abrasive™ system—a complete system that reduces processing abrasives and time by using a cutting agent with GUnanoInside™ to mechanically refine the surface. Various GC abrasives—GC- BigStock™, GC-X™, GC-Fusion™, GC-Eraser™, and GC-PolishPlus™—have been formulated for the most optimum surface refinement. Finish with DryShield™ (fills the concrete voids), Shield & Enhance™ (chloride screen/color enhancer), and Interior MicroFilm™ (subtopical repairable wear-guard for protection and gloss). It stretches the slab like a canvas, making it look good and getting the concrete concert-ready for the best performance that can be found.

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Making Your Concrete Performance Ready

High-Performance Concrete

Cure and Densification Benefits @DayOfPlacement

Construction Staging @EarlyAge

Elimination of Joints and Curl

Unconventional Stain Resistance

Optional Integral Color

Optional Profile and Polished Glass Appearance

Canvas Control & Profile System

Green Umbrella® Canvas Control & Profile™ is a system for interior or exterior applications. Installed @EarlyAge™ using components that cure, color, eliminate control joints and concrete shrinkage, and reduce curl. Using this system, product usage is reduced to six from conventional concrete placement methods that would require twice the amount of products.

Green Umbrella® NanoDye™ concrete colorant is an interior, translucent, subsurface, pH neutral dye that utilizes nano-sized particulates to penetrate the concrete, depositing colorant into in the concrete subsurface and promoting a longer lifecycle.


IceStart™ is a unique curing agent used to ensure an adequately cured floor and is the first of the two-part GreenIce Cure™ system. It uses a treatment and trowel process to achieve high-performance floors.

IceStop™ is the second part of the GreenIce Cure™ system. IceStop is applied after IceStart™ to create a protected and properly cured concrete slab.

GreenCut® starts by creating a slurry that produces a denser surface, reducing seven abrasive cuts to as few as two.

GC-BigStock™ abrasives can be used for increased aggregate exposure. Ideal for architectural concrete featuring a large aggregate reveal.


GC-X™ abrasives are powerful 10-segment metal abrasives designed for use with Green Umbrella® GreenCut®.


GC-Fusion™ abrasives are a hybrid bond of industry-leading metals and resin. Four different abrasive grits are available to achieve the desired RA (roughness average) on the slab.

The GC-Eraser™ class of semi-metal honing abrasives is engineered for specific surface refinement.


Designed for use within Green Umbrella® Base Defense™, Max Defense™, and other profile systems, our GC-PolishPlus™ abrasives finish off the process to achieve the desired surface sheen.

Shield & Enhance™ is an environmentally formulated premium hardener. Shield & Enhance is engineered as a color-guard to enhance colored and profiled architectural concrete floors, providing a darker, clarified-gloss appearance. As a unique oxidation inhibitor, Shield & Enhance significantly increases a salt pigmented or nano-dyed lifecycle, extending colorfastness.

Interior MicroFilm™ is an R.T.U. repairable impregnating micro-treatment for abrasively profiled architectural concrete floors.

Green Umbrella Canvas Control Systems


The Canvas Control & Profile™ system uses GreenIce™, which results in a cured, sealed concrete floor with polished concrete properties the same day the slab is poured. An additional profile will add a more refined look to the floor. Profiling, honing, and polishing can start as little as three days after placement.

Typical Days of Downtime Before Taking Further Action on the Concrete Surface

Canvas Control

Water Cure

Chemical Cure

Densified Floor

Conventional Polished Abrasive Concrete

Canvas Control Product Reduction Chart



The Canvas Control system uses fewer treatments to achieve a superior product.

Product Reduction

Concrete Canvas Control & Profile

Conventional Polished Concrete Slab

Conventional  Product Canvas Control Canvas Control & Profile Product to Specify
Integral Colorant ColorPac
Plastic Cracking Fiber FiberLite
Rebar Inhibitor GreenCanvas
Dry Shrinkage Control (NOT SRA) GreenCanvas
Jointless Floor GreenCanvas
Curl Control GreenCanvas
Products to Support Water Cure IceStart/ IceStop
Curing Agent IceStart/ IceStop
Densifier IceStart/ IceStop
Finishing Aid IceStart/ IceStop
Hardener IceStart/ IceStop
Dust Proofer IceStart/ IceStop
Chloride Screen GreenCanvas
Sealer IceCap/ Interior MicroFilm
Surface Imperfections Reduced GC Abrasives
Aggregate Exposure Choose GC Abrasives
Unconventional High Gloss Appearance Optional GC Abrasives
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Making the Complex Simple

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