Green Umbrella

Canvas Statement

Control the Cure, Curl, Cracks, and Color

In new construction, Green Umbrella starts by recommending components for the concrete, or “the canvas.” We begin by helping the designer specify a mix design to create a substrate that will fit the unique needs of polished concrete. Even if your concrete will not be exposed and will have other finishes and floor coverings, paying attention to the canvas will promote savings and quality in later stages of construction. We are advocates of expansive components that allow for large monolithic pours with the additional benefit of reducing or eliminating concrete joints, curling, and dry shrinkage cracks. Integral color components are significant to sustainable and value-engineered floors.

Reinforcement in the Mix—Modern fiber technology reduces or eliminates cracking using isotropic reinforcement. It may eliminate the need for steel or welded-wire mesh in other designs through isotropic reinforcement. Modern curing technology removes the need for topical or dissipating cure and seals and the laborious introduction of products that damage the environment and do not contribute to the final product.




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