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Design Statement


“Architectural concrete floors provide a solid, durable surface with a variety of final surface-design options. At the core Architectural concrete floors offer a more sustainable option, lowering lighting, heating and cooling costs as well as reducing construction waste. Architectural polished concrete floors are also economical with a lower initial cost, less maintenance and longer product life cycles.”

Green Umbrella Mission Statement


 “Our mission is to bring to the concrete market innovative products combined with a consultative approach that resolves common problems, prevents future issues, and creates solutions for architectural concrete. We accomplish all of this with an environmentally conscious system solution approach, consistently found under one Green Umbrella.“

Goals Statement

Consult – Specify – Support

“We direct our clients toward architectural concrete design that is Versatile, Sustainable and Economical. A goal without a plan is simply a dream. Providing proven products and methods enables our clients to design and build in a way that highlights the versatile and sustainable features of modern concrete placement. Our goal is to become our client’s source for architectural concrete consulting for every project, from start to finish. Green Umbrella is ready to support by providing a plan, or specification, for the owner and design professional that makes your vision a reality.“

Consultant Statement

Initiative – Insight – Specification

“Design professionals, owners and contractors need someone who is willing to take the initiativein making the connection for sharing solutions for sustainable concrete flooring for architects, showing insight and providing the needed specifications. In short, with all the products needed on a project it is essential to have someone “giving the direction you need”.

Product Statement

Cut your Labor – Cut your Downtime – Cut your Environmental Impact


“At the core of our branding is the product message “Cut to the Chase”. Each product and installation method is driven by the end goal: Cut your Labor. Cut your Downtime. Cut your Environmental Impact. The most direct route to these profitable, sustainable and quality driven goals is a straight line, simply put “Cut to the Chase”.”




System Statement

Environmental Team Approach – Systems Approach – Value Statements

Nearly 15 years of thoughtful research and field work have gone into making Green Umbrella’s environmental team systems approach to Architectural concrete design. With so many components possible on each concrete project, we have made the complex simple by creating “Architectural Concrete Floor Systems” based on clear product value statements.

A successful concrete project like a good book or movie, has a good beginning, middle and end.

Craftsman Statement

Commitment – Understanding – Certified

Contractors committed to meeting specifications and producing a high quality product, Green Umbrella contractors understand and are certified in the mechanical process and treatment applications that create an architectural concrete floor.