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Green Umbrella provides continuing education options for professionals at all stages of architectural concrete.

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Receive clear and defined instruction to cut labor, cut downtime, and cut environmental impact. Understand Green Umbrella architectural concrete systems’ benefits, methods, and maintenance.

Basics of PHP Polished Concrete – Sustainable Floors

The Basics of Profiled, Honed, and Polished Concrete:  This course introduces the different processes and systems used to create a green and sustainable polished concrete floor. Learn how to specify flooring and finishing options and deep dive into the benefits of polished concrete, including versatility, value, and sustainability. The discussion will address moisture issues, long-term maintenance, and LEED certification.

  • Managing Expectations
  • The Green Specification
  • The Engineered Canvas
  • The IAQ Equipment 
  • The Wet Profile and Hone Process 
  • Concrete Treatments
  • Sustainable Color System
  • Sustainable Polish
  • Repair and Maintenance

Integrally Troweled CURE and Polished Concrete Floors

Integrally Troweled Cure and Polished Concrete Floors: This course discusses the method used to create a polished concrete floor during the concrete finishing process using tools common in the industry to reduce labor, downtime, and environmental impact.

  • Defining the Vision and Mechanism
  • Mechanical Densified Method: The Placement
  • Mechanical Densified Method: The Finish
  • Troweled Cure
  • Surface Fixative
  • Unconventional Architectural Finish
  • Integral Color Options
  • Maintenance/Surface Treatment
  • Managing Specifications

Expansive Components for Concrete

Expansive Components for Concrete:  Understand the issues faced with concrete and how to eliminate them.

  • Dry Shrinkage Control
  • Choice of Components
  • Producer Partnership
  • Expansive Mix Design
  • Restraint
  • Formwork
  • Placing and Finishing
  • Curing
  • Value of Expansive Components 

Design of Architectural Concrete Floors

Design of Architectural Concrete Floors:  How to successfully design and execute an architectural concrete floor.

  • Unconventional Architectural Floors
  • Value of Higher Quality Floor Design
  • Integrally Troweled Cure and Placement Process
  • Canvas Components: Fiber, Expansive, Integral Color
  • Wet Abrasive Process 
  • Guides for Best Practice 
  • Surface Treatments
  • Managing Expectations and Specifications
  • Canvas Cycle Management

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