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Green Umbrella Craftsman Certification


The next level in the Green Umbrella certification process is the Green Umbrella craftsman. In addition to being trained to install our family of concrete treatments, certified craftsmen employ Green Umbrella-recommended propane-powered equipment with Green Umbrella abrasive tooling designed for wet profiling and honing methods for a comprehensive and complete polished concrete floor.

The craftsman has the backing of proven concrete technology and Green Umbrella Corporate. Green Umbrella Corporate is committed to continuing to learn about concrete and sharing what we have learned by educating architects and driving specifications, ensuring our craftsmen have future work and are the preferred installers.

Why Choose to Become a Green Umbrella Craftsman?

Contractor Friendly Treatment Systems, Equipment, and Abrasives

  • Densifiers do not require a scrub-in/scrub-out installation process
  • Colorants penetrate and stay in concrete
  • Industry-leading square feet per gallon application ratios
  • Liquid cutting agents save abrasive tooling and reduce steps
  • Environmentally friendly and always ready propane-powered equipment
  • Abrasives engineered to achieve specific refinement, producing known and repeatable results

Architect and Owner Preferred

  • Proven advanced treatment technology
  • Specification-driven, repeatable results
  • Best practice wet-cut system
  • Densifiers do not wash out
  • Colorants do not walk off
  • Guards protect the mechanical polish and your investment from contaminants
  • Green Umbrella-engineered polished concrete looks better, lasts longer, and is easier to maintain using our unique line of concrete maintenance products

The GreenIce Cure™ system creates a durable concrete floor with a gloss shine.

The GreenIce Cure™ system creates a concrete slab with a surface that looks like ice! The process begins with our two-part curing products, IceStart™ and IceStop™. These unique curing agents are designed to work with the concrete trowel to reduce or eliminate common problems flatwork finishers face. With our third treatment, IceCap™, you can achieve the same brilliance you would get with a profiled, honed, and polished floor specified for many warehouses. And you get all of this with less labor, downtime, and environmental impact. Get the look and clarity of a fresh sheet of ice over a concrete slab using the GreenIce Cure system!

Features & Benefits

• Ease of finishing and eliminates false set
• Reduces drag on the concrete and meets slip resistance standards
• Reduces subsurface lateral microcracking
• Remove cat faces
• Retards set times in hot weather
• Does not extend set times in cold weather
• Allows finishing of dry shake as if it is normal concrete
• Looks like a mechanically polished (PHP) floor
• Better protection than found on mechanically finished floors
• Opens new markets for flatwork contractors

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