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“A System Is Only As Good As the Craftsman Implementing It”


“Green Umbrella CRAFTSMAN are contractors who have committed to meeting specifications and producing a high-quality installation, our craftsman understands and is certified in the mechanical process and treatment applications that create an architectural concrete floor. Our Master Craftsman is ACI flatwork certified. All are committed to best practice and the success of the project.“


Increasing numbers of architects and design professionals are suggesting polished concrete to their clients who want a flooring option that is green, low maintenance, and durable. The challenge is finding a contractor who can consistently meet specifications and can be relied upon to produce a high-quality product. To meet that need, Green Umbrella has been instructing and training contractors in the Green Umbrella mechanical process and treatment applications to create an architectural concrete floor.

When contractors complete our comprehensive training program successfully, we can confidently refer them to you.

Green Umbrella Certification Levels

Green Umbrella has three different levels of certification offered to meet your needs. Green Umbrella Applicator is trained and certified to use our concrete treatments for an earth-friendly concrete floor. An applicator applying our product may not have our equipment because it is not required to apply product.

The next level is a Green Umbrella Craftsman. In addition to using our concrete treatments, the craftsman uses our abrasive mechanical process and Green Umbrella propane-fueled equipment.

A Green Umbrella Master Craftsman combines concrete polishing skills with the ability to perform placement and flatwork on new concrete.


The Process for Abrasive Polishing

A Green Umbrella Craftsman We support the industry standard of The Green Polishing 9, the nine fundamentals that have several advantages. A green mechanical system that includes processing the floor wet; to avoid silicosis issues endangering either installers themselves or future inhabitants by contaminating air ducts in the building. The GP9 process uses a progression of abrasive grits on a machine built for wet concrete processing. The use of water and liquid abrasives enables a higher-quality cut to the floor. The wet grinding system has been well supported in the industry for the best finish to a floor, and avoids issues with OSHA requiring inadequate vacuum systems and health safety standards encountered when using other methods.

The Process for Integrally Troweled Floors

A Green Umbrella Master Craftsman uses best concrete practice to place and finish concrete. Certified if possible by standard organizations such as the American Concrete Institute or American Society of Concrete Contractors that provide both guides and certification to assure the craftsman is trained in procedures accepted by the industry.