Cutting the Cord for a Wet Cut


Our flagship high-productivity concrete grinder, the StoneExtreme, is capable of producing the largest number of completed square feet, per abrasive, per hour in the entire grinding equipment industry. Our flagship profiler, the RTPMax, surpasses grinders by 3x the production rate, again the most in our industry.

Zero issues to cut wet or polish dry; one machine does it all. The use of propane-powered equipment increases productivity and reduces hidden expenses.

Green Umbrella equipment has been engineered or selected to achieve our mission to cut labor, cut downtime, and reduce environmental impact.

High Productivity

Alternative Energy- Powered Equipment

Indoor Air Quality 

Zero issues to cut wet or polish dry. One machine does it all.


Hidden costs savings are promoted:

  • No draw on electrical power as with 3-phase electrical equipment
  • No hazardous dust introduced into ventilation ducts, eliminating potential remediation expense to protect the health of future occupants

A few years after concrete polishing was introduced to the North American marketplace using traditional European electric grinders, Green Umbrella thoroughly examined the process and chose to promote a wet cut, pioneering the use of safe, cordless, propane-powered equipment. At the time, some within the industry thought using heavy-duty equipment was a novelty. Today, propane is no longer viewed as a novelty but has become necessary to comply with indoor air quality standards mandated by regulatory agencies (OSHA) during the profiling process.

The StoneExtreme is capable of producing the largest number of completed square feet per abrasive per hour in the entire grinding equipment industry. The RTPMax surpasses other grinders by 3x the production rate. 

Our equipment is so productive and reduces hidden expenses by so much that some want to call a foul!

 Productivity is increased by:


  • Eliminating the time needed to establish and connect 3-phase power required by electric machines
  • Optimizing availability, using ever-ready propane power that is never dependent on a specific stage of construction or downed by severe weather
  • Powerful propane engines cut through the toughest concrete and polish at higher RPMs for a better final surface

Bonded Abrasives

Green Umbrella cutting abrasives eliminate the inconsistencies found on building projects common in the industry and reduce the frustration of not getting the same look when specifying. We know what our abrasives can achieve under the weight and with the variable RPM of our propane-fueled equipment.

Liquid Mechanical process Principle

Fewest Bonded Abrasive cuts 

QualItative Results