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Green Umbrella is committed to providing the best to the concrete industry.

We offer the best products and want to provide the best people to install those products.

We will train your team to maintain an elevated standard right along with us.


Craftsmanship is key to setting yourself apart from other decorative concrete contractors.

Improve your profiling, honing, and polishing skills through education. Understand new technologies, learn quantifiable test methods, and become equipped to craft an architectural concrete floor consistently on any concrete surface.

Green Umbrella’s Mission Statement

Our mission at Green Umbrella is to bring to the concrete market innovative products combined with a consultative approach that resolves common problems, prevents future issues, and creates solutions for architectural concrete. We accomplish this with an environmentally-conscious systems solution, consistently found under one Green Umbrella.

Bringing products to market is followed by driving demand. Demand is driven by education. Architects and owners need to know what can be built. Contractors need to know which products and treatments are available and how and when to implement those products and treatments for the best architectural concrete possible.

Green Umbrella training introduces concrete contractors to products and treatments through classroom and field training. Examining what a product is made of and how it works better equips the craftsman to implement solutions in the field. The concrete industry is full of products, treatments, means, and methods. Being under the Green Umbrella makes choosing the right options for your project easier!

No one knows everything about concrete. Join us, and we will share some of the things we have learned. See how Green Umbrella can cut your labor, downtime, and environmental impact.

KNOWLEDGE- Defining and Inspiring

Familiarity with facts acquired by personal experience, observation, or study.

UNDERSTANDING- Evaluation Tools and Techniques

Comprehension of a rather simple kind or a full and profound realization of the inner nature, underlying reasons, and significance of complex matters.

CERTIFICATION- Polling, Testing, and Verifying

Sound judgment based on knowledge and understanding, and the ability to use knowledge and understanding successfully to solve problems, avoid or avert dangers, attain certain goals, or guide others.

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