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Concrete Fixative

IceStop Concrete Fixative

Spray IceStop on the surface as the second part of the GreenIce Cure system. Working as a fixative, IceStop is sprayed over the surface once power trowels have been pulled from the concrete.

GreenIce Concrete Cure

Green Umbrella IceStop Concrete Fixative 

Spray lceStop on the surface as the second part of the Greenlce Cure system. Working as a fixative, IceStop is sprayed on concrete once power trowels are finished. It creates a protected slab while curing and extends protection during construction. With specially designed properties, this product will densify and add abrasion resistance while repelling water. lceStop increases the strength and longevity of any concrete surface whether covered or exposed in an Architectural Concrete setting. The gloss reading averages in the 40s.

Cut Your Labor

Achieve the properties of a polished concrete floor during normal pour and finish, with no additional labor.

Cut Your Downtime

Applied the same day as pour and finish, at the same time. 

Cut Your Environmental Impact

Reduces construction waste. Products are water-based and environmentally friendly.

Green Umbrella GreenIce Systems

Cuts Downtime

GreenIce Concrete Cure Systems results in a cured and sealed concrete floor with polished concrete properties the same day the slab is poured.


Water Cure

Chemical Cure

Densified Floor

Conventional Polished Abrasive Concrete

Number of days spent waiting after the pour and finish

Part of the GreenIce Cure System

IceStop creates a durable concrete floor with moderate gloss shine.

The GreenIce Cure System, creates a concrete slab with a slip-resistant surface that looks like ice!

The process begins with our two-part curing products IceStart and IceStop. These unique curing agents are specially designed to work with the concrete trowel to reduce or eliminate common problems flatwork finishers face. With our third product, IceCap, you can achieve the same brilliance as would a Profile, Hone and Polish floor specified for many box stores and warehouses.

All of this is achieved with less labor, less downtime and less environmental impact, giving the look and clarity of a fresh sheet of ice over a concrete slab, while being slip-resistant.

Features & Benefits

  • Ease of finishing, eliminates false set
  • Reduces drag on the concrete, meets slip resistance standard
  • Reduces subsurface lateral microcracking
  • Removes cat faces
  • Retards set times in hot weather
  • Does not extend set times in cold weather
  • Allows finishing of dry shake as if normal concrete
  • Looks like a mechanically polished (PHP) floor
  • Better protection than found on mechanically finished floors
  • Opens new markets for flatwork contractors

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Green Umbrella GreenIce Systems

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