Joint-Free & Curl-Free Slabs

How to reduce and eliminate joints and curling

GreenCanvas Expansive Component

Green Umbrella® GreenCanvas™ expansive component is a cementitious, inorganic powder. When added to a standard concrete mix, it will produce a shrinkage compensating concrete (SCC); Type G (ACI-223R-10).

GreenCanvas is a specialty concrete component classified by type based on the chemical mechanism used to obtain expansion in the concrete matrix during the curing process. Structure design, concrete mix design, and placement guidance are provided by the American Concrete Institute (ACI) document ACI 223, Guide for the Use of Shrinkage Compensating Concrete. Compliance and quality assurance can be measured by standard ASTM tests and procedures.



  • Eliminates the labor needed to cut and fill joints
  • Enables large, monolithic pours


  • No need to schedule concrete cutting or joint filling
  • No time added to the placement schedule
  • GreenCanvas™ is added to the mix


  • Tear-out waste and repairs due to cracking are eliminated
  • Mechanical bond with reinforcement results in a more sustainable slab

Joint-Free and Curl-Free Concrete

Green Umbrella® GreenCanvas™ expansive component creates durable, sustainable concrete.

The Canvas Control™ system addresses common and frustrating enemies of architectural concrete, like curling, cracking, and excessive joints and joint filler. GreenCanvas™ allows professionals to design the ideal concrete floor from pour to polish using CSI format specifications and products that cut labor, cut downtime, and cut environmental impact while being introduced on the day of placement.

GreenCanvas is a specialty concrete component classified by type based on the chemical mechanism used to obtain expansion in the concrete matrix during the curing process.

The Canvas Control system is designed to give you a concrete surface that can be shaped with aggregate, integral color, expansive components, and various finishes to add beauty and value to your project.

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Imagine the improved appearance and functionality of concrete without joints.


Standard Concrete

  • Few, if any, shrinkage cracks
  • Large, monolithic pours
  • Savings over traditional slabs requiring joints and joint filler

Bridge Deck

  • Eliminates joints and minimizes dry shrinkage
  • Reduced intrusion into the concrete
  • Reduced exposure of rebar to corrosion and elements
  • Chloride exposure is reduced
  • Reduced washboard effect on highways due to curling

Polished Concrete

  • Elimination or reduction of shrinkage cracks
  • Promotes even aggregate reveal
  • Few, if any, joints, enhancing the appearance and improving cost savings
  • No issues with slab curl at joints or around edges

Additional Features & Benefits

  • Reduces or eliminates dry shrinkage cracks
  • Reduction in joints, allowing large monolithic pours
  • Eliminates slab edge curling
  • Transparent in the mix
  • Cementitious
  • Expansion occurs independently
  • Does not require any special handling, placing, finishing, or curing techniques and procedures
  • Sustainable
  • Does not contain chemicals, unlike most shrinkage-reducing admixtures
  • Cost savings offsets costs incurred cutting and installing joints
  • Reduction in joints eliminates costly installation repairs on joints
  • Cuts labor, downtime, and environmental impact

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