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Green Umbrella Master Craftsman Certification

A Green Umbrella master craftsman combines day-of-placement and concrete finishing experience and capabilities with the knowledge and equipment necessary to craft mechanically polished concrete. The master craftsman is truly a one-stop shop for pour-to-polish concrete system solutions.

Why Choose to Use a Green Umbrella Certified Master Craftsman?

Increasing numbers of architects and design professionals are suggesting polished concrete to their clients who want a flooring option that is green, durable, and easy to maintain. The challenge is finding a contractor who can consistently rise to the owner’s expectation, meet or exceed the specifications handed down by the architect, and be relied upon to craft a high-quality product in the field. To meet this need, Green Umbrella has been instructing and training contractors in the Green Umbrella-engineered polished concrete mechanical process using proven treatment applications that create a green, durable, and easy-to-maintain architectural concrete floor. When contractors successfully complete our comprehensive training program, we can confidently refer them to you.

    We have committed to setting a high standard and providing the resources for our craftsmen to succeed every day they pull on their boots and put on their gear.

    Each Green Umbrella-certified master craftsman understands the responsibility that comes with their education.

    A Green Umbrella master craftsman:

    • Uses a true mechanical process to profile, hone, and polish any concrete slab to meet client expectations
    • Understands what a specification is, what it calls for, and how best to use it
    • Understands that exposing rock and applying a resinous sealer or wax does not equal concrete refinement, nor does it meet a Green Umbrella specification
    • Uses alternative fuels (propane or diesel) that create a smaller carbon footprint than gasoline or coal-produced electricity
    • Has received education in alternative fuel safety
    • Does initial profiling and coating removal with an environmentally sound wet process that favorably impacts indoor air quality during and after construction
    • Profiles to the wall, unless otherwise specified, using matrix control abrasives from Green Umbrella
    • Is certified to introduce colorants into concrete
    • Uses all applicable Green Umbrella concrete treatments to protect the floor and avoid any contribution to air or water pollution
    • Has a working knowledge of concrete, specifically how treatments introduced relate to the long-term success of a profiled, honed, and polished floor
    • Has basic OSHA education and works to meet standards
    • Has basic education in and adheres to rules and regulations for disposal of slurry, dust, and other potential pollutants
    • Ascribes to a code of ethics
    • Is annually certified to keep up with technology and product improvements
    • Is an enthusiastic leader in green building techniques
    • Has the ability to manage and meet client expectations

      The GreenIce Cure™ system creates a durable concrete floor with a gloss shine.

      The GreenIce Cure™ system creates a concrete slab with a surface that looks like ice! The process begins with our two-part curing products, IceStart™ and IceStop™. These unique curing agents are designed to work with the concrete trowel to reduce or eliminate common problems flatwork finishers face. With our third treatment, IceCap™, you can achieve the same brilliance you would get with a profiled, honed, and polished floor specified for many warehouses. And you get all of this with less labor, downtime, and environmental impact. Get the look and clarity of a fresh sheet of ice over a concrete slab using the GreenIce Cure system!

      Features & Benefits

      • Ease of finishing and eliminates false set
      • Reduces drag on the concrete and meets slip resistance standards
      • Reduces subsurface lateral microcracking
      • Remove cat faces
      • Retards set times in hot weather
      • Does not extend set times in cold weather
      • Allows finishing of dry shake as if it is normal concrete
      • Looks like a mechanically polished (PHP) floor
      • Better protection than found on mechanically finished floors
      • Opens new markets for flatwork contractors

      How Do I Benefit As a Certified Master Craftsman?

      Contractor Friendly Treatment Systems, Equipment, and Abrasives

      • Densifiers do not require a scrub-in/scrub-out installation process
      • Colorants penetrate and stay in concrete
      • Industry-leading square feet per gallon application ratios
      • Liquid cutting agents save abrasive tooling and reduce steps
      • Environmentally friendly and always ready propane-powered equipment
      • Abrasives engineered to achieve specific refinement, producing known and repeatable results

      Architect and Owner Preferred

      • Proven advanced treatment technology
      • Specification-driven, repeatable results
      • Best practice wet-cut system
      • Densifiers do not wash out
      • Colorants do not walk off
      • Guards protect the mechanical polish and your investment from contaminants
      • Green Umbrella-engineered polished concrete looks better, lasts longer, and is easier to maintain using our unique line of concrete maintenance products

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