Green Umbrella Product Statement

Cut to the Chase


Green Umbrella® product branding is the direct product message—cut to the chase. Each product and installation is driven by the goals—CUT YOUR LABOR, CUT YOUR DOWNTIME, and CUT YOUR ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT. Green Umbrella quickly isolates these key benefits to explain our industry-unique products’ profitability, sustainability, and quality.

CUT YOUR LABOR: Reduce the craftsmen and others related to the floor build environment or infrastructure labor.

Green Umbrella systems have been developed to craft a floor in fewer steps than conventional concrete placement and polishing processes and using fewer laborers. Using our systems requires less maintenance, replacement, or labor hours.

Cut Your Labor

CUT YOUR DOWNTIME:  The time during which construction production is stopped or limiting other trades project access.

Using Green Umbrella systems results in a constantly advancing construction schedule beyond conventional product installation and standard building operations. Green Umbrella treatments empower architects, construction managers, and tradesmen to work on-site sooner and achieve harder, stain-resistant, and more durable concrete finishes. The sooner other building trades are on the project, the more savings are realized through an advancing, value-engineered construction process.

Some Green Umbrella systems eliminate steps; others eliminate days from the construction schedule. Implementing Green Umbrella concrete systems saves days, weeks, or months, depending on the size of the project. Green Umbrella systems also require less maintenance, eliminate replacement costs, and reduce downtime after project completion.

CUT YOUR ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT: Reduce the adverse impact on the environment compared to conventional processes and avoid being limited to the scope of regulatory requirements or green build goals.

Green Umbrella treatments are safe for the contractor during installation and the people who live and work in the space afterward. Our process uses alternative fuels (propane or diesel) that create a smaller carbon footprint than gasoline or coal-produced electricity. We aim to avoid any contribution to air or water pollution. Our wet abrasive process focuses on the best indoor air quality (IAQ) solutions. This process provides pH-neutral treatments with no VOC.

Cut Your Environmental Impact
Green Umbrella Product Statement