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RamBoard Concrete Protection

Ram Board is 100% recyclable and is manufactured completely from reclaimed paper. For projects seeking LEED Certification, MR Credit 2 requires that a certain amount of disposable products used on the job must be diverted toward recycling. Since Ram Board is 100% recycled, then all of it can be diverted to recycling. This significantly increases the amount of disposable material on the job diverted to recycling, thereby helping to gain up to 2 extra LEED points.




Construction Protection

Green Umbrella RamBoard

Ram Board is a heavy-duty, temporary floor protection engineered for Contractors and beneficial to Architects and Owners. Designed with cost and efficiency in mind, it lays out fast and can be re-usable. Ram Board is non-staining and utilizes Vapor-Cure™ technology allowing for the proper curing of new concrete on any job site.

  • Exclusive Spill Guard™ technology provides added protection against water, paint, mud, and more.
  • Ram Board provides proven and trusted protection for new and existing concrete, and most other floor types. Ram Board is the #1 choice among contractors worldwide.
  • Ram Board is committed to being a good steward of the environment and is FSC Certified. It is composed of 100% recycled materials and contributes toward LEED credits.


Cut Your Labor

In a GHP application, grinding before interior walls, equipment and finishes are introduced enables concrete craftsman to work freely. The polishing contractor is able to utilize larger grinders and access more of the floor – significantly reducing labor and producing a better concrete floor from wall to wall. Ram Board then protects the floor during the remaining construction phases.

Cut Your Downtime

Completing flooring early advances a project schedule. Polished Concrete flooring installed before interior walls and finishes is significantly faster. A polished concrete installation can be completed in less than half the time if given access early and the floor is protected throughout the duration of construction.

Cut Your Environmental Impact

In addition to green practices employed at the plant, RamBoard is composed of 100% recycled components and contains a minimum of 90% post-consumer material. When it’s use on the job site is finished, Ram Board can be reused or recycled making it a smart, environmentall-friendly choice.

Part of the Green Umbrella Products

Green Umbrella Ramboard protects your construction environment.

When you specify Green Umbrella treatments to Cut Labor, Downtime & Environmental Impact, especially with early application/installation of the integrally troweled cure or Green Umbrella Engineered Polished Concrete System, specifying a floor protection like RamBoard will protect your investment and advance construction right on schedule.


Features & Benefits

  • Heavy-Duty temporary floor protection
  • Lays out fast
  • Non-staining
  • FSC® certified
  • recycled/recyclable
  • Save on labor & damage repair
  • Earn up to 2 LEED points on projects seeking USGBC Certification
  • NEW Wall Guard™ feature
  • Exclusive Vapor-Cure™ technology
  • Flex-Fiber™ technology
  • Spill Guard™ technology
  • Proudly made in the U.S.A.

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