An integral Stretched Canvas

Green Umbrella® Stretched Canvas™ system achieves extended joint placement @EarlyAge™. It will extend joint spacing, reduce joint cut/fill, and attack curl with an expansive mechanism. Employ the complete system for interior or exterior applications. Systems solutions dramatically reduce control joints, concrete shrinkage, and curl and benefit the cure, color longevity, and mechanical bond. Fewer linear feet of joints add to savings by reducing saw cutting, joint filler and maintenance, fewer load transfer devices, and reduced mobilizations. Stretched Canvas produces a high-performance uniform slab with 2 1/2 times the lifecycle of conventional concrete without needing a topping slab. Stretched Canvas is integral, not a topping slab that curls.

The Stretched Canvas system dramatically reduces the number of treatments specified compared to conventional concrete placement methods. The system includes GreenCanvas™ (a component for shrinkage compensating concrete), ColorPac™ (a sustainable and economical integral color that outperforms conventional surface colorants), FiberLite™ (a unique isotropic fiber, completely transparent in the mix), and the GreenIce Cure™ system (providing a day-of-placement cure, densification, and long-term abrasion benefits).

Green Umbrella DryShield Aggregate Concrete Floor
Green Umbrella Commercial Concrete Project

One Integral Pour, Not a Topping Slab
High-Performance Concrete
Cure and Densification Benefits @DayOfPlacement™
Construction Staging @EarlyAge™

Reduction of Joints to Columns
Non-Abrasive Polished Concrete Appearance @EarlyAge™
Elimination of Curl Mechanism
Optional Integral Color

Green Umbrella School Project
Green Umbrella Concrete Project Hotel Indigo
Green Umbrella Concrete Project Warehouse

Stretched Canvas’ Primary Feature: Reduction of Joints

The Stretched Canvas™ system dramatically reduces control joints, concrete shrinkage, and curl. It provides internal benefits during cure, lasting color, and a strong mechanical bond.


  • Cure and densify on the day of placement while using the same crew


  • System solutions dramatically reduce control joints
  • Eliminate wait time to fill joints and repair cracks and curl


  • Creates high-performance concrete with a longer lifespan than conventional concrete

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